15 Things You Should Never Ever Do in A Hotel Room!

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

There is a long list of complaints from hotel staff regarding the way hotel guests behave on their stays. If you stay in a hotel in every single one of your travel destinations, there are some things you should avoid for the sake of your safety, and respect toward the people who are working relentlessly to make sure your expectations are met. Keep reading to find out about 15 travel mistakes not to make when staying in a hotel!

1. Do not steal the hotel bathrobes

It’s ok to take the complimentary soap with you, or even the tiny bottle of lotion. What is not ok is to take pricier items, like bathrobes, with you. Bathrobes go from guest to guest, so you are not supposed to take your home with you. In fact, if you do so, you might be charged for it. Save yourself the embarrassment, and if you want to take something with you, stick with the tiny vanity products.

2. Don’t break something and pretend you didn’t do it

If you break something, call room services or tell the hotel concierge about it. Concealing a broken object can be dangerous for the people who clean the room, and for the guests that come next. Not to mention that the people who stay in that room after you do may end up paying the price for it, which is not fair. Come forward and inform hotel staff about what happened – accidents happen, and they will understand.

3. If you don’t have cooking appliances, don’t cook

For some people, saving money while traveling is a top priority, and that is why they chose the cheapest hotel room available. However, the cheapest rooms usually do not have a kitchen or any kitchen appliances, which will force the guests to eat out. If saving is a priority for you, take that into account and see if it pays off to stay somewhere with no kitchen. And, most importantly, do not improvise any cooking in a room where there is no designated cooking area – you can be putting you and other guests in danger.


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