16 Effective Ways That Will Protect You While On Vacation

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

5. When traveling, you should keep your valuables in your carry-on bag. But it is much better if you kept the expensive items like your jewelry at home.

6. Your wallet must contain nothing but the essentials and copies of the important documents, like your health insurance card. Do not travel with a debit card, use only credit cards, cash, or traveler’s checks.

7. Before you leave your hotel room, you must lock your valuables: Jewelry, laptop, extra cash, passports, and documents with personal information. Just because they are in a hotel room doesn’t mean they are fully secured, you need to lock them up!

8. Your devices must have strong passwords and encryptions when you travel, so even in case of theft, the thieves will not be able to access your private accounts and materials. Remember to download apps that provide more security.

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Taking personal safety precautions

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9. Before departure, you need to read the news and check the advisories from the government to avoid going into a potentially dangerous area. Crimes, natural disasters, and civil strife can happen at any time. You have to check this nifty site that is provided by the US Department of State for accessing advisories:

10. It is best if you don’t share your traveling plans on your social media accounts because it will alert thieves that your home is empty. If you really want to share your journey, then you can customize who sees your profiles.

11. Blend in with the natives and dress like them because big cameras, floppy hats, and beach bags are advertising that you are a stranger, which makes you an easy target for pickpocketing and theft. Just hide your camera in the bag and opt for casual jeans and t-shirts.

12. For safe travel abroad, it is best to stay in groups instead of wandering off alone, even though we know it is more fun and one of the greatest hobbies of any adventure seeker. But in these cases, your safety is way more important.



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