5 Important Pickpocket-Proof Items You Need To Travel With

You should always be careful when it comes to pickpocketing, whether you are in a new country or just in your neighborhood, but obviously, the chances increase when you travel.

Tourists are more targeted than the locals because tourists tend to get distracted easily, they blindly trust the locals, and they are constantly too excited to pay attention!

Nothing can spoil your day and vacation more than getting your money, smartphone, or/and important papers stolen from you.

Keeping a close eye on your belongings can help, of course, but no matter how much you try, you will never be completely aware of everything around you all the time, especially that pickpocketers always develop sneaky ways that can manipulate us easily.

In order to be completely protected, you need to have a few items and devices to ensure the safety of your belongings and to enjoy your time discovering the new cultures without worrying.


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Pocket clips


To protect your valuable items from being reachable, you should consider getting pants/trousers with zipper pockets and pocket clips.

Those clips can either be outside or the inside all of the pockets, and they usually come with internal plastic where you can attach another item as well. Basically, you can clip anything you want to these clips, but we recommend you to prioritize your phone, wallet, or other expensive valuables.

In case you can’t find any pants that come with these pocket clips, then you can modify one of your clothes to provide the same solution.

Your socks

©Packing Light Travel

Yes, your socks! I mean, would a pickpocketer consider going where your toes go? And even if they do, then how would they ever reach it?

It is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables, especially your money. Of course, it will be weird bringing out cash out of your feet when at the store, but your safety comes first, right?

However, there are a few brands that sell travel socks that come with pockets that are big enough to carry money and credit cards. One of the bests out there is called Zip-It Everyday Travel Socks which are pretty comfortable to wear, too.

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Tracking the stolen items


You could still be a victim of theft no matter what you do to prevent it, and it could be a nightmare trying to recover your stolen stuff, that’s if you had a clue who, when or where they got stolen.

So if you want to guarantee your items to never be stolen, at least not forever, then make sure to put them in a bag that you can track.

The Lugloc Tracking device is one of the bests out there that can help you track your stolen bag or luggage anywhere in the world, and it comes equipped with Bluetooth that can integrate with a special app on your smartphone

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Belt wallet


Unfortunately, thieves are quick to find out the new anti-theft devices – of course, this is their career after all.

But there is a way that they may not expect, and even if they did, they have nothing to do about it: When you leave your hotel room to go around the city, carry only the amount of money you need, get a belt wallet, and hide them all in there. Even if the thief tried to strip you out of your belt, just take it off and haunt them down with it.

You can try PacSafe Cashsafe Travel Belt because it will not only protect your money, but it will also help you go through security at airports peacefully because it is metal-free.

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Anti-theft bag


Before you travel, you need to get on the online market and look for an anti-theft bag that would suit you, especially that all of them have many common features.

In general, look for one that has a tamperproof zipper on the outside and protective layers so the thief will never find a way to open it to double the protection. The only way that will allow a pickpocketer into your belongings is by cutting it open.

Also, some models come with RFID blocking compartments that work on slaw your passport and cards safely.

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