5 Tips To Travel The World On A Budget!

Last Updated on December 21, 2020

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If you are reading this, then it’s very likely you’re an adventurous, curious person with a strong desire to travel the world. If not the world, you might dream about visiting some of the most amazing places this world has to offer.

However, no matter what the destination is, there’s always a problem: money. If one trip to one location can be pretty expensive, have you wondered how much does it cost to travel the world? Even though the answer isn’t certain, it’s definitely a lot of money, but sometimes there are ways to turn this around.

Depending on the choices you make when booking a trip, it’s possible to save money. Of course, you probably won’t be living like a king when traveling, but think about it! Traveling is all about getting to know a place, and it’s culture, not living in luxury while you’re there.

Keep reading to find some secrets on how to save a lot of money while you travel around the world.

1. Buy Tickets Using Only Incognito Mode

We all know airline websites can’t be trusted. After all, they keep track of your searches, dates, destination, everything! Unless you do your searches using incognito mode.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s a “secret tab.” So, instead of having to delete your history and cookies, with incognito mode, your searches and data are automatically deleted. This can help you because normally, airlines tend to increase their flight prices once they know you’re interested.

It might sound sketchy and not fair, but that’s how it works! No matter how many different websites you visit, the flight price will only go up.

Maybe, one day, the price drops only by 30$ and you immediately buy it because you feel scared it will go up again, and that’s how they get you to pay a lot more than you should. In the end, you might feel you paid less 30$, but in most cases, you’ll be paying 400$ for a 100$ ticket.

Next time you want to search for flights, go incognito!

2. Benefit From Flights With Layovers

Most of us, when searching for a flight, tend to tick the box that says “only direct flights.” After all, it’s way more comfortable and faster than a layover flight. But even if you do not want to buy a layover flight, we strongly advise you to always look at all flight ticket options.

You might find a huge difference between the price of a direct flight versus the layover one. Even if the trip takes a little longer, at the end of the day, you’ll be saving a lot, don’t you think it’s worth it?

Another way you can take advantage of layover flights is by selecting a trip with multiple destinations. Depending on where you live, some destinations might be cheaper if you connect in a certain place.

Let’s say you’re from the UK and you want to book a trip to Italy, but for some reason, if you fly to Paris first, the flight to Italy ends up being much cheaper, and, if you think about it, you want to visit Paris too, so why not do it all at once and save some cash?

Remember, the key to getting great flight deals is by doing a lot of research. Analyze every possible way you cant get from one place to another. You’ll be surprised by how much money you’ll be able to save.

3. Learn How To Cancel Non-Refundable Tickets

If you’re all about saving money, you won’t spend the extra cash to make your ticket refundable or make any insurance, and that’s ok, most people do the same thing.
None of us would think about canceling a trip we’ve been planning for months or years.

But sometimes, we might be obliged to do so. Know that canceling non-refundable airline tickets is not only possible, but you could also get a refund, even if just a percentage of what you paid. How?

Well, you have to read the non-refundable airline ticket rules carefully, since they might change depending on the airline you’d be flying with. But normally, you’ll be able to cancel your flight if:

-Your previous connecting flight was delayed or canceled, making it impossible for you to catch it.

-That same flight was delayed by a significant amount of time, and you need to catch another one.

– You or your travel buddy got sick.

-Someone from your family passed away. Still, you will need to provide proof, a document from the hospital should be enough.

If you miss your flight and it’s your fault, it’s still possible to get some of the money back. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to be quite persistent!

4. Be Aware Of Hotel Offers

Saving money is all about clicking on the “book” box at the right time. But how do you know when’s the right time?

Black Fridays, cyber weekends, Valentine’s day promos, and other types of events are always great times to check these websites for special hotel offers. Also, don’t forget to check your credit card offers for hotels, most people don’t know they can have discounts on certain hotels depending on what credit card they have!

Other than that, the best time to book hotels is either very early on, or, the very same week, you’re traveling. These are the best prices you’ll be seeing for obvious reasons. Hotels want to be fully booked.

If there are still 50 rooms to be filled on that week, the hotel prefers to lower their prices to get more bookings. They’ll be winning more money by doing so than having empty rooms. It might sound unfair, but when it comes to flights and hotels, it’s a matter of knowledge but also luck.

If you’re feeling adventurous and you don’t have any hotel in mind, we suggest you try to book your hotel just the night before, if the prices are still too high, check Airbnb, they’re known to help a lot of travelers from sleeping on the streets by providing a bed for them hours before they arrive.

5. Catch Late-Night Trains And Buses

Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful places in the world to travel to are also incredibly overpriced to sleep in. When visiting a big country, we might want to book different hotels, which can be a lot more expensive since prices for one single night can be outrageous.

A good way to avoid this is by traveling at night. Get a bus or train ticket that leaves late at night to whatever destination you’re going to. Depending on the journey, you might be able to sleep for a while. Trains are safer than buses when it comes to luggage and being comfortable. But if you’re taking a big trip, most buses are equipped with comfy recliner chairs and even a WC.

So next time you want to save some money, opt for traveling at night!

Now that you know how to travel the world for free, well, not for free but you’ll be traveling with fewer expenses, what are you waiting for? Open that incognito tab and get to it!

If researching is not your thing, multiple websites allow you to turn on notifications for certain flights, which means every time the price goes down, they’ll let you know!

Remember to not give up on your ideas just because they seem out of reach. Sometimes, we’re the ones that give up too easily!



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