7 Things Flight Attendants Can know About You in No Time

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

7 Things Flight Attendants Can know About You in No Time© Imgur

While flight attendants might look chipper and carefree, They are actually trained to keep a close eye on the plane for threats, starting from the very first moment you board. So, you can say that they do have the ability to scan you and create an idea about the person you are in no more than 3 seconds!

So, have you ever wondered what these flight attendants do actually think about you? Well, if you have been asking yourself this question often, Click on Next to figure what these professional minds think about you while quickly and efficiently scan you in the middle of the crowd!




Are you drunk?

Are you drunk

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One experienced flight attendant, called Amar Rama, said that the first thing she ever notices in boarding passengers is whether they are drunk or on drugs. She also adds that in case, she notices any traveler with such condition, she immediately moves to action and evacuates the plane!

This evacuation should last no more than 90 seconds! She also said that evacuation is the wisest thing to do in such situations in order to avoid potential safety and security issues.

She also continues explaining that it is her responsibility as well as that of other flight attendants to keep themselves and other travelers on board safe, so allowing impaired travelers on board can put the lives of many other travelers at risk.



Are you strong?

Are you strong

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The flight attendant also revealed a very interesting thing concerning this matter! She said that the other things she notices when greeting passengers are those people who are muscular and look strong, powerful, and physically fit.

She also adds that she tries to carefully take a deep look at them in order to memorize their faces and make a mental note where they are sitting. While this might seem a bit surprising, what you should always keep in mind is that flight attendants are well trained and don’t do things in vain!



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