7 Things Flight Attendants Can know About You in No Time

Last Updated on July 17, 2018

7 Things Flight Attendants Can know About You in No Time© Imgur

While flight attendants might look chipper and carefree, They are actually trained to keep a close eye on the plane for threats, starting from the very first moment you board. So, you can say that they do have the ability to scan you and create an idea about the person you are in no more than 3 seconds!

So, have you ever wondered what these flight attendants do actually think about you? Well, if you have been asking yourself this question often, Click on Next to figure what these professional minds think about you while quickly and efficiently scan you in the middle of the crowd!




Are you drunk?

Are you drunk

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One experienced flight attendant, called Amar Rama, said that the first thing she ever notices in boarding passengers is whether they are drunk or on drugs. She also adds that in case, she notices any traveler with such condition, she immediately moves to action and evacuates the plane!

This evacuation should last no more than 90 seconds! She also said that evacuation is the wisest thing to do in such situations in order to avoid potential safety and security issues.

She also continues explaining that it is her responsibility as well as that of other flight attendants to keep themselves and other travelers on board safe, so allowing impaired travelers on board can put the lives of many other travelers at risk.



Are you strong?

Are you strong

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The flight attendant also revealed a very interesting thing concerning this matter! She said that the other things she notices when greeting passengers are those people who are muscular and look strong, powerful, and physically fit.

She also adds that she tries to carefully take a deep look at them in order to memorize their faces and make a mental note where they are sitting. While this might seem a bit surprising, what you should always keep in mind is that flight attendants are well trained and don’t do things in vain!

In fact, the flight attendants consider those muscular travelers as a precious resource that they can seek on emergencies including an attack on the flight or just uncontrollable person.

The flight attendant, even added that sometimes she can even discretely seek the muscular traveler and see if they don’t mind helping in case of emergencies!



Are you sick?

Are you sick

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Flight attendants also have to be really careful when scanning the crowd. It is their duty to notice if anyone is sick and if so, it is their duty not to allow the passenger on board!

Otherwise, the diseases or the virus can be easily and quickly transmitted to other travelers, especially that the plane is a small close space that makes the diseases and viruses go viral! Rama revealed that once she had missed an unpaid month of work because of an illness she caught on the plane during her job.

Since then, she learned that when one is sick, he or she definitely has no right to transmit it to other healthy travelers as if something like this happened many people might be in real danger or might even experience serious medical issues, including elderly and children.

So, while on board, prevention is the only way to remain safe and healthy! The flight attendant also reported a very sad story of a woman who had a heart attack right at the gate.

The flight attendant adds that she was really thankful that the attack happened while the woman was still on the ground! This way, she received the proper help and was thankfully saved!

It’s true that all flight attendants are trained in CPR, Automated External Defibrillators, basic first aid emergencies, but they are still not experienced doctors or specialists, which means that surely they cannot help you the way doctors can!



Can you speak The English Language?

Can you speak The English Language

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Another important thing flight attendants pay attention to is whether the travelers can understand and speak the English language or not.

If they cannot, then, this could only mean one thing: the travelers won’t be able to read the instructions to open the exits and cannot equally respond to the shouted commands.

This way, it becomes the flight attendant responsibility to keep an eye on them during the flight to give them a helping hand in emergencies or when it is needed.



Do you have experience in aviation?

Do you have experience in aviation

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Passengers who are airline employees or crew members represent a great and a valuable resource for the flight attendants. These people have been trained in the in-flight procedures and know well how to react in particular situations, including medical and mechanical emergencies.

The flight attendant reported that back to 1989 when United flight 232 crashed in Sioux City Iowa, there was a possibility for a real disaster to take place if it wasn’t to the head of the flight attendant who reacted wisely to the situation and sought for the help of a pilot, who was riding in the coach cabin.

The latter saved the situations and saved the life of many travelers on board thanks to his professional assistance. Hence, it is important for flight attendants to keep that kind of passengers in mind and check where they are sitting. This way, they will save time and can easily find them when it is needed.



Are you that traveler that can cause any delays?

Are you that traveler that can cause any delays

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Never expect the flight attendants to carry your bag when you can’t even carry it for yourself! It’s true that flight attendants are meant to assist you during your flight, but they are certainly not meant to carry your heavy bags.

The reason why they shouldn’t is very simple! Flight attendants are not allowed to do carry your heavy bag as this might cause them potential injuries. This latter is not the only consequence that flight attendants end up with!

There are many other consequences that will follow, including going out of work and covering their own medical expenses as their job doesn’t really cover that!

In addition to all this, if it’s government mandated minimum crew, a replacement is a must otherwise the flight will be very simply canceled. So, now you can imagine the whole drama that you can create with your heavy bag!



Do You Really Look Suspicious?

Do You Really Look Suspicious

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Apart from all the specific things that have been mentioned on this article, flight attendants have to be fully awake, pay attention to details, and everything else that might seem like a threat to the safety of passengers.

Hence, the flight crew always take the time to note your behavior and see if there is anything suspicious about it! In case you are suspicious, the flight crew immediately scans the plane. Sometimes they are right and sometimes are not, but what matters at the end is better to be safe than sorry!




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