7 Tricky Booking Hacks To Get Cheap Flight Tickets

What is your definition of travel? Is it your chance to build another ‘you’ or another time to spend sleeping, eating and wandering around? Your answer will define who you are, so be careful!

The most successful travel experiences are the ones in which travel is considered as a journey of self-discovery. Being in different and challenging environments unveils some traits that you never thought you had.

Money and travel budget might be an issue sometimes, but that is why there are the best travel booking websites with offers of all kinds; cheap international flight tickets, promo flights, and low-cost airline tickets.

But before setting about your flight reservation procedures, you need few pieces of advice that you can get either by a travel booking agent, or you can get them while reading this article for free.

It is true that all airlines ticket prices become sometimes sky high during the vacation seasons, but flight websites might include hidden deals here and there.

It takes just some researching and digging. In the process of booking, take into account 7 hacks that are going to help you save your money for future trips.


Checking all of your options


When planning for air travel, it is pretty useful to check all options that you got before deciding to go for any of them. Your travels booking can be easier if you search for cheap offers at an early stage.

Check travel search engines such as Priceline, Skyscanner and Kayak. Before you book your flight, check also other airlines’ websites. This way, you can access plenty of unexpected offers with tempting active vacation packages.

In some travel search engines, you will be given a chance to get notifications regarding any cheap offers, coming on the way. It must be, however, noted that booking on your airline’s website directly is going to make rebooking in case your flight is canceled easier.

It is okay to get layovers

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We know that the idea of having to land in a layover airport on your way to your destination sounds awful, but it does not have to be so. It is true that you are going to wait for quite a while at the airport, but it might be quite worth it.

Some airports are more like small towns with luxurious lounges. You can eat, sleep, have a shower and tour the airport instead of just sitting bored and waiting for your flight. International airports have more interesting facilities for layover passengers.

See! It is not that bad. Besides, booking a plane ticket with a layover is cheaper than selecting expensive nonstop and direct flights.

P.S: layovers, lasting for long and allowing you to leave the airport are the best.

Opening an incognito tab before your start booking


The primary thing to think of in the course of planning for your trip is your travel insurance. While you are away from home, travel insurance can serve you when you are faced by a condition, requiring emergency medical care.

Just remember to make the best memories to add to your personal travel journal. Booking is the second stage that comes after looking for the appropriate offers. In the course of booking, you are invited to open either an incognito tab or clear all of your cookies.

These are the two only ways to prevent airlines and travel agencies from using the cookies of your computer to identify the flights you are interested in. Once this piece of info is uncovered, they are going to exploit it to raise prices.

Stop considering known airlines when traveling internationally

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Long before embarking your journey, it is pretty useful to contact or reach out with people who have been to your destination to get any tips they can offer. You can always use a friend’s help when it comes to choosing low-cost airline tickets and flight and hotel deals in general.

Maybe, one of the tips that you are likely to receive is about avoiding popular airlines. There are plenty of airlines; even if they are unknown, they offer great deals throughout the whole year.

Therefore, don’t be totally dependent on known airlines. Try some different, maybe even less expensive airlines. You can start by flying with airlines like XL Airways France, Norwegian, and WOW Air. They are pretty good at providing their clients with both cheap and affordable offers.

Booking a flight with a layover, which is your actual arriving destination


When road trips do not work for long –distances travels, involving crossing the national borders, air travel is the best option you got. Having vacations offshore is always interesting because you will be enabled to see something different, visit different places and meet different people.

This is all done within the framework of accumulating cultural experiences. Here is another booking trick, which is going to help you realize this.

Let us say that you are traveling from NY to Chicago; instead of booking a nonstop, direct flight, that is expensive, you can book a cheap ticket with a layover. If you find one going from NY to Kentucky, and the layover is in Chicago, then go for it.

When you will land in Chicago, technically your layover airport, you do not have to board the flight, heading to Kentucky because you are already where you want to be. This is not illegal, but airlines do not like it much. That is why if you get caught, you may be fined.

Opting for 1-way tickets plus considering flying into an out of varied cities

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When you decide to travel in and out of the same city, the most common option that you are likely to opt for is booking a round flight. This is a very easy option that everyone goes for because it is the most logical one, but is it so? Not really.

This will cost you more money, and you will end paying a fortune for a round trip. The solution is booking a plane ticket with a flight that takes off and lands, on your way back, in two different points.

This is a way to economize a bit. But to do this, you need to pick cities which are close to one another. This research of nearby airports must be done before you kick off your travel.

Searching for one person seat, even when booking for many people plus buying points and miles

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Airlines are very tricky on their own right. They would do anything to convince you that they are the best in the business and that they have the greatest deals and offers for both local and international flights.

But behind your back, they will use anything like your computer’s cookies to get more profit. Fortunately, travelers are now aware of this foxy tricks and moves of airlines.

As a traveler, this is your shot to avoid this by searching for one person seat even if when you are intending to book for more people. This might sound silly, but airlines have the tendency to increase the tickets’ prices when running a collective booking for more than one person.

Moreover, if you buy points and miles, you might get the golden opportunity of winning a travel reward. Everything and anything is possible!

After dealing with all the booking mess and finally buying an air ticket, you will probably get a headache.

Take a break to start looking again, but this time for luxury vacation rentals on independent hotel booking sites and comfortable hotel rooms on general hotel search sites. Then be poised for the beginning of your adventure travel.



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