7 Useful Packing Tips You Should Follow To Travel Like a Pro

Last Updated on December 8, 2020

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This year, regardless of your travel destination and the moment of insecurity and uncertainty that we are experiencing due to the current health crisis, your summer trip will have to be meticulously planned.

You need to make sure, therefore, that there are no travel mistakes and that everything runs smoothly. And that planning should also cover the way you pack your suitcases.

How to pack for travel? That’s what we’re going to show you next by introducing the 7 useful packing tips you should follow to travel like a pro.

1. Place The Heaviest Items In The Base Of Your Suitcase

One of the most precious tips you should follow to know how to pack your travel bags like a pro is to place the heaviest items in the base of your travel bag. Many people open the suitcase on the bed and then start to put all the clothes and personal belongings inside. And they do it without any order or organization, and that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

How to avoid packing mistakes? If your suitcase is on wheels, you should keep in mind that when you place it upright, your clothes and personal objects can drift from side to side inside and even if they are securely attached.

To avoid the mess, it is recommended that you put on the heavier items ( such as sneakers, books, hair straightener, steam iron), among other more robust objects at the base of the suitcase (next to the wheels).

PLacing clothes in this position will offer the greatest stability for your suitcase (regardless of whether it is in the standing or lying position) and for all belongings that you may have placed inside.

2. Don’t Forget Your Carry-On Bag

Any travel expert advises you to travel with a carry-on bag because that is where you keep your wallet, house keys, mobile phone, plane ticket, travel insurance voucher, your credit cards, among other personal items.

So, whenever you meet with airport security, your documentation will be at hand, and you do not need to unpack your carry-on luggage in front of everyone looking for your passport, for example. Besides, it is an object of choice for you to keep the souvenirs at the time of return.

3. Always Use Packing Cubes

To optimize the space of your suitcase to the maximum, you can and should use packing cubes. These travel accessories are the best friends of people who like to keep things always tidy. They will make the inside of the suitcase as organized as possible.

There are durable packing cubes of different colors so that you can group, identify, and distinguish your belongings. They are extremely practical and easy to use because they fit perfectly inside a travel bag and give you a feeling of convenience and comfort that everything is kept in the right place.

Besides, once you arrive at your vacation destination, you need to unpack them and put them where it makes the most sense for you, in the bedroom closet drawer, in the bathroom or elsewhere in the hotel room.

4. Roll Up All The Clothes You Intend To Take

How to pack your clothes for travel? It’s very simple: roll them up. This is the best way to avoid creasing the clothes you are going to take and, at the same time, to take advantage of the interior space of your suitcase. You will see that in this way, you will be able to take lots of clothes and save a lot of storage space.

The method of rolling clothes is one of the best travel hacks you should use so that your suitcase has an organized and compact interior.

5. Pre-Plan The Clothes Combinations You Are Going To Wear

One of the best travel tips you should follow is to imagine in advance the clothes you will wear when you arrive at your destination.

As a rule, people always imagine that at the beach they will wear that bikini or swimming trunks and at dinner, pants with a blouse, a t-shirt and even a cashmere scarf for the coolest nights, among other combinations that they like to make.

You must do exactly the same to control the clothes you carry, the space in the suitcase, and your appearance at the chosen vacation spot.

6. Don’t Add Too Much Or Too Little!

Make a travel packing list to not carry too many or too few objects in your suitcase. If it is too much, the suitcase will burst at the seams, and everything can be broken; if it is less, things will move from side to side, and everything can be broken.

Take this opportunity to place plastic, dry cleaning bags between your clothes to protect them effectively. These cleaning bags can be used later for you to put your dirty clothes on or to wrap that travel mug or other souvenir that you bring.

7. Never Forget Liquids

This, possibly, is not your first trip, and you already know what the TSA rules are regarding liquids and that liquid bag that you carry with you. And if it is not your first trip, it is also no secret that there are TSA Precheck liquids before you move on to the departure area.

In this sense, you must store all allowed liquids in a handbag, and it must be separated from the rest of the items to pass through the airport checkpoint security more easily. You can and should take a hand sanitizer, a moisturizing balm, sunscreen, and remember that these liquids should not exceed 3, 4 ounces.

8. Always Travel With A Reusable Water Bottle

Regardless of the trip that you have chosen, you must always carry a water bottle with you. This should be a reusable bottle so that you can refill it after passing the control that is done to access the boarding area.

So, after your checked bag, you will always be replenished and hydrated, which for travelers is very important so as not to suffer from the anxiety of the first day of travel or even the harmful effects of jet lag.

These are the 7 useful packing tips you should follow to travel like a pro and to have fun and relax to the fullest – and that, possibly, you may well be in need.

In this time of pandemic and when people are confined at home, your next summer vacation will probably be the best of your life. So, don’t let a simple badly packaged suitcase ruin everything.



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