7 Ways You Can Avoid Starting A Fight Or An Argument On The Plane

Airplane seats are one of the most controversial topics in the airline industry. Many people have been asking about the pros and cons of the best airplane seats, and what are the seats that will cause them fewer problems with other passengers and with the seating position itself.

With so many fighting and arguing incidents that are expected to take place inside the cabin -due to the small airplane seats or the airplane seating charts- it becomes everyone duty to learn how to recline airplane seats without encroaching on others’ space, and, generally, how to be a decent human being inside the plane.

In this article, we have included some of the ways people make enemies during flights, which could be done sometimes even without their awareness. Avoid these behaviors and you will enjoy a peaceful flight and certainly, other travelers on board will be grateful.

Some people have their bags packed just like professional packers, but they just forget to pack their manners along the way.


Slamming Your Seat Back

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We can all agree that when we watch passengers slamming their seats straight back instantly after takeoff -without even bothering to see if there are people behind them with laptop luggage or a drink put on the backseat tray that may get spilled on the smartphone…- we get frustrated.

Sometimes traveling with such people can be a nightmare, especially that such behavior may be followed by other annoying ones.

We understand that sometimes the one can make a mistake and not pay attention to what he or she is doing, that’s the reason why we would like to ask you be careful when taking your seat.

Fighting for the Armrest

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When people buy airplane seats, they try as much as possible to avoid having the middle seat since, usually, the person sitting on this seat is left with no armrest space.

If you got stuck between flyers from the window seat and the aisle seat who just don’t care about you as a human being, and prefer their own comfort, you will have big elbow problems.

That’s the reason why people should always leave some room for other passengers to rest their arms, they may have to sacrifice a little, but everyone eventually will enjoy a comfortable flight. You can also opt for a Portable Armrest Extender/Divider that will exempt you from all the trouble.

Hitting the Seatback Screen

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Imaging withdrawing a significant amount of dollars out your credit card, paying for travel insurance and health insurance, and getting ready to go for your vacation, to feel a pounding on the back of your head.

Certainly, the screens on the seatback don’t always function properly, and it is a habit that the frustration leads us to hit devices that don’t respond to us. Even when the device is working properly, there are a few people who just keep on hitting that thing with every selection.

That’s why you need to be gentle when dealing with the screen, and it would be even better if you can use the remote.

Body odor


This infamous enemy of flyers all over the world needs no introduction. Some people have the act of taking their shoes off on the plane as a part of their surviving long flights’ rituals. However, one should make some important calculations before opting for a shoe-relief.

To begin with, you need to figure out how much your shoes have been in your feet if they were there for long hours, then there is a big chance they would smell bad after taking them off.

Also, you need to take into account the number of physical activities you’ve done with them since it contributes to the smell as well.

Stealing the overhead bin

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We may consider the overhead bin a part of the airplane seat accessories. This accessory is also one of the things that lead to so much controversy aboard the plane. It is a chance to show how much we care about others and to apply airplane etiquettes.

However, not everybody understands this. There are people who put their stuff on the first overhead bin they come across, despite having their seat at the very back of the plane. There are others who use it for small items like their jacket that they could just put next to them, or use it for oversized carry-ons to take the whole storage capacity.

Not Using Headphones

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I have always wondered what do people who turn on music on their smartphone or computer and let all other passengers listen to them think about. Do they think that they have the most perfect taste of music? That everyone else aboard the plane will enjoy the songs?

I should just dare and ask. What’s even annoying than people who play Youtube music videos and movies on their devices are people who play video games. These people have no shame in letting those annoying beeps and bloops be heard across the rows. To all these people, headphones were invented for a reason, so use them.

Watch your children


We understand that for some people it is inevitable to take their children with them on the trip. However, if you are a parent, it means you need to act responsibly and watch your own children and not to let them annoy other passengers.

Don’t pretend that you are SO focused on a book or watching a movie that you didn’t notice your child hitting the seat in front of him or her, screaming, crying, or even talking to people in front or behind you.

Do it because you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a fight or an argument while your children are watching.



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