8 Items to Pack for the Unpredictable Fall Weather


Last Updated on November 30, 2020

Leaves falling off trees and highly unpredictable weather are probably the two main characteristics of the fall. If you’re planning to travel during this season, you will certainly have a hard time making your travel packing list. Sure, there are many reliable weather apps and services that can give you a rough idea of how the weather will be like in your travel destination during your entire stay. But it’s only a prediction – and the greater the time gap, the more margin of error a forecast has.  Fortunately, there are some key travel packing tips that can help you out and make sure that you are not caught off guard while you are away on your trip. Let’s check them out:

8. High-quality umbrella

Not taking a reliable, portable, high-quality umbrella in your suitcase is perhaps the number one packing mistake you could make. There will likely be a very rainy and windy day during your fall trip, so you’ll want to be properly prepared for it. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a cheap umbrella somewhere and it will probably break apart at the slightest gust of wind. 

7. Waterproof poncho

This isn’t exactly the most fashionable fall travel outfit out there. Still, it can be a lifesaver in some specific situations. And these ponchos are actually pretty cheap, there’s no reason at all not to buy one or two of them. The best thing is that you can easily fit a waterproof poncho inside your suitcase since normally these items can be folded multiple times to a very small form – so you won’t have to worry about finding extra space for it. If there is a high probability of raining heavily in the middle of the day, it may also be a good idea to carry this item in your bag or backpack.

6. Comfortable, waterproof boots

Packing a pair of your most comfortable footwear is a travel tip that you should follow no matter what kind of trip you are going to take and at what time of the year you are going to do it. It’s absolutely essential. But when the trip is scheduled in the fall, lightweight comfortable shoes are just not good enough. They also need to be waterproof. After all, nothing is more annoying than walking around with wet feet and socks. We also recommend boots to keep your feet properly warm.



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