9 Dirty Items That May Ruin Your Cruise Vacation

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

That’s right, considering how often people press the elevator buttons and how many people use the lift between decks every day, the elevator buttons are one of the germiest surfaces on board.

That is why it is recommended to use a napkin or anything that would make you avoid direct contact with the buttons.

Lounge chairs


One of the most attractive pictures that online travel agents may use is a picture of lounge chairs. True, when you book Mediterranean cruises or river cruises, you imagine yourself lying on that chair with a tropical beverage in your hand.

However, what you need to be aware of is that it may become hard to relax by the pool ones you realize that these chairs are twice as dirty as the lift buttons.

That is why we recommend you to use your sanitizing wipes and spend some time wiping bacteria off your chair before relaxing for the rest of the day.



Here, things may get intense, and you may start considering packing your trekking backpack and taking hiking trips instead of looking for European cruise deals.

According to air quality tests that were run on 4 cruise ships, it has been found that the air quality on these ships is as bad as wait for it!… Beijing. It has been reported that the ships’ exhaust systems are the main causes of this problem.

However, maybe you would be pleased to hear that $1 billion has been invested in cleaner fuels and new technologies by the cruise industry to reduce ships’ air emissions.



Travelers aboard cruise ships depend entirely on the ship staff to provide them with their daily meals; of course, except for people with a big appétit who like to pack snacks and food cans. It is definitely exciting to book a cruise and find an all-you-can-eat buffet aboard.

However, due to the necessity of cooking a huge amount of food and keeping costumers happy, we may expect some unsafe food practices. What you need to be careful about is that the food on the buffet may become contaminated after staying there for a lengthy period of time. So make sure you get your food once it is set on the table.



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