9 Of The Best Travel Hacks You Need To Know

Last Updated on December 23, 2019

Sometimes you look for secrets and other times they fall right into your hands. This is one of those times.

Do you ever feel like you’re not enjoying your travel to the fullest? Do you wish you were one of those people who just know what to do in the irritating situations you often find yourself stuck in? You are not the first, and you might not be the last who feels this way.

Some of the best life hacks did not just drop at those smart or “lucky” people’s feet; they thought about them, they looked for them, and are sometimes willing to share with others, too.


#1 – Book your flight tickets cheap and neat

While it might not benefit the economy, we all want to save some extra cash!

Don’t underestimate the incognito mode! It comes in handy in similar situations. Because airline websites track your search history (yikes!), they offer you expensive flight tickets and keep increasing the price as time passes so that you’ll feel that you have no choice but to purchase the ones you find pricy anyways.

Meanwhile, when you use the incognito mode while browsing, the airline websites cannot record your history. Outsmart them by following this small trick.

#2 – Choose the brightest colors

Now that you have successfully purchased your plane ticket, make sure to dress that suitcase up.

One of the first things you should consider for easier travel is something as simple as choosing the right color for your travel luggage. While darker colors may seem more appealing to you, given that they’re good at hiding dirt, bright-colored luggage won’t hide from you!

When the looking-for-my-luggage saga ensues at the airport check-point you bright-colored luggage will wave right at you. You may even add a few stickers here and there to guarantee that you will find them because, surely, other people will want their baggage to be as bright-colored as yours. You can even one-up them in this and go for rainbow-colored luggage! Not your thing? Well then, stickers it is.

If stickers are not your thing either, wrap your bags in colorful caution tape. The caution tape would also make them faster to spot. Do whatever makes you comfortable but you might as well show off your artistic flair while at it!

#3 – The best way to pack your luggage

Don’t be someone who lets their breakable objects roll back and forth in their suitcase until they break. Place any glass, plates, or other fragile items in protective packaging like thick cardboard while leaving no room for them to move inside the package and your bag.

Place heavier items on the sides of the fragile ones to reduce the chances of them breaking if—when your luggage is dropped or put under something heavy. Because the chances of that happening to your bag are high enough.

#4 – Sit by the window, enjoy your nap

If you’re one of the people who put on sleep masks as soon as they board the plane, you came to the right place. Or did you? Because the other right place for you is the window seat.

Unless you came from the future, where all planes have comfy beds in them, you will be sleeping in the plane while sitting up. Since that is the case, you can book the window seat because then you’ll be able to lean on the wall beside you, instead of letting your head hung low.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a flight pillow with you and lower the risk of neck pain.

Also, many passengers tend to avoid picking the middle seat, obviously because it’s the most uncomfortable of the other options. You can avoid the pain of being squeezed between two other people with shoulders!

#5 – Do this trick to avoid airport lines

All travelers like you wish they could teleport to their planes the moments they set foot at the airport, what with the long queues and all.

● To speed up the customs procedures when your turn comes, keep all your small belongings in the pockets that allow you easier access. For example, rather than putting your items in your jean’s back pocket, keep them all in a jacket and check it in.
As for liquids and valuables, keep those together in a carry-on bag so that you won’t have to dig around for them separately and waste more time than needed.

● To spend less time waiting at the checkpoint line, choose the one that is farthest to the left. Why? Because most people are right-handed, they often automatically flock to the spot on their right. If you notice that some lines are shorter than others, it’s no coincidence. And it’s also your chance to make things go faster. Don’t overlook it.

Isn’t it nice how such simple psychological tricks can facilitate our daily lives?

#6 – Try not to touch your face/eyes

Keep your hands to themselves. You read that right.

Airplanes can be quite dirty and this also applies to the air inside. The dirt left behind by previous passengers is no doubt everywhere in your seat, so it is advisable to not pick up any piece of food that you may drop on the tray table and to not touch your face or rub your eyes with your hands.

This will reduce the chances of any type of infection.

#7 – What to do when your flight is delayed

Sometimes flight delays and cancelations can’t be helped but to decrease the chances of getting tangled in such situations, book the earliest flight.

If you miss your flight and you live far away, don’t let this common mishap ruin your mood or holiday spirit. Consult airport services immediately so that they can transport your luggage and help you find a good place to spend the night. Facilities like medical services are indispensable so make sure to ask whether they are available first.

#8 – How to keep your phone alive

You either forgot to charge your phone at home or used it too much. When your phone is dying and you’re unable to find a power outlet, try to find the nearest airport TV and plug your phone into its USB port. Or, hand your phone one of the airport store-keepers if they are willing to charge it for you.

In retrospect, always make sure that you have a portable charger with you and save yourself all the trouble. The power of technology is with you!

#9 – Everyone loves free internet

If you absolutely need the internet connection and you happen to not have data on your phone, there is always free airport WI-Fi. But what to do if they’re all password protected and want your money? Before you arrive at the airport search for links where many travelers post and share airport passwords and save them on your phone.

But if you’re taking the trouble to do all that, you might as well get phone data!

Those were some of the travel hacks that you deserved but never knew you needed. If you can follow at least one of them, it can change your travel experience for the better. Enjoy your flight!



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