A Close Up Look At The Most Expensive Hotel Room In The World

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

Have you ever been to an expensive 5-star hotel room where your mind was blown with all the “richness”? It could be your usual choice when you travel, but many people would rather save the money for other opportunities.

But let’s be honest, we all want to be spoiled at least once in our lives and experience how it feels to be like Paris Hilton with the capacity to spend as much as we can. Till then, we were able to get an inside look at the most expensive hotel room, ever.

In Las Vegas, The Palms Casino Resort unveiled the most astonishing room that was designed by the artist Damien Hirst. For a two-night stay, you would need to pay $200,000… I know! The expensive room is 9,000 square feet, and it comes with a collection of contemporary art and a custom-motif mosaic.

If you ever stayed in this room, the butler service will be available for you 24 hours, you will get chauffeur service, a $10,000 credit at the resort, and access to A-list to the Pearl Concert Theater, KAOS Dayclub, and nightclub. Pretty interesting, right! Well, there is still a lot more to discover.


Bedroom and Bathroom

©Las Vegas Vacations

The most important thing about the hotel room is obviously the place where we are supposed to sleep and take care of our “business”, and since we are talking about the most expensive hotel room, then we already have an expectation of how awesome it will be!

First, there are two master bedrooms that are decorated with the most unique artwork. The both have California-King beds and large closets. In addition to that, there are massage rooms for anyone who wants to relax more. I mean, you would need to relax after paying that amount of money after all!

The Empathy Suite comes with two marble bathrooms and a half, decorated with stone butterflies, and of course, double sinks and lighting if anyone is interested to do their makeup.

Living Room

©Uniq Hotels

If you ever got a chance to stay at this hotel room, it would be unnecessary to go outside or to explore the city. Why would you do that when you already have everything in your room?

If you feel like resting with your loved ones to drink some wine and talk about life, then you would definitely choose one of the living rooms that are filled with neutral-colored seating options with cozy pillows and Italian leather.

Don’t be shy to invite as many people as you want because the living rooms and media lounge can actually contain over 52 people. Inviting the entire family would be just the right idea, or would it?

The Dining room and the bar

©Uniq Hotels

As we mentioned before, you really wouldn’t need to go out of the room because Las Vegas is already between the walls of your suite.

While enjoying your meal, you can sit at one of the fanciest dining rooms that can include 8 people. Eating and enjoying the view of Las Vegas would be your most favorite thing to do.

Game room

©Toronto Star

What’s the point of going to Las Vegas if we are not going to go crazy and play hard? Well, since the outside of your fancy room is filled with people, we can invite whoever we want to our suite and play whatever we want because we have a game room and it is everything we need!

But of course, if you are more into just relaxing or being healthy, then let’s remind you that your suite has its own salt relaxation room and a gym. All of these places are decorated with oversized art pieces to make you feel like you are in a museum, except that you will be able to touch whatever you want.

Balcony with Jacuzzi


Obviously, you would be tired after practicing all of the activities provided at your suite to the point that you would need nothing but to distress yourself, and there is no better way to do it than a Jacuzzi in the middle of your large balcony.

Yes, you heard that right. Now imagine being in that Jacuzzi, watching the night sky of Las Vegas, drinking your last glass of wine, and having a peaceful conversation with your loved ones. You have worked hard for most of your life only to enjoy moments like these, which your body and brain will appreciate greatly!

Media Room

©Hollywood Reporter

Before bedtime, the thing you want to do most is watching a movie or your favorite series as you are cuddling your partner or your kids, and that’s what the Media room is there for.

You can relax at the comfortable couch and turn on that large TV to catch on your sports game or watch anything you want. You will feel like you have your own movie theatre, and you are the boss, responsible for what to stream, how to watch it, and everything that would make you a lot comfortable.

The suite might be extremely expensive, but everything it provides is definitely worth each penny. But whether we can afford it or not, it is still about the masterpiece they have created for the comfort of other people.

Everyone deserves a taste of that, and by working hard, we may all have a chance to experience the most expensive hotel room in the world by ourselves.



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