All You Need To Know About Traveling When You’re Sick!

Last Updated on August 8, 2020

Avoid alcohol intake and caffeine intake, as these will alter your nervous system and the proper functioning of internal organs, such as the stomach and intestine.

Dress up with comfortable fabrics and take all kinds of objects that will make your flight more pleasant as a lip balm, cough drops, or headrest.

3. How to Travel with a Sick Child

In the case of traveling by plane with a sick child, for example, care and vigilance must be increased.

First of all, you must call a doctor or pediatrician to obtain approval for your child to travel, and then you must take great care of your child’s well-being and comfort to have a safe trip. To do this, it is necessary to comply with the following aspects:

Take sweets such as lollipops and gums to help equalize the pressure in the ears and sinuses during the flight, especially when taking off and landing.

Take medications to relieve the symptoms of flu, asthma, or other health issues that the child may have. You should have a medication kit that you should take with you whenever you travel, especially with children.

Pay attention to fluid intake. Children, as well as adults, should stay hydrated at any time, especially when they are traveling.

Take a personal hygiene kit with sanitizing wipes, clean handkerchiefs, hand sanitizer, and a mask, if applicable.

Clean all the surfaces of the plane that are around the child, such as the tray, the seat arms, the seat belt, the phones, among other objects nearby.

In addition to flight tickets, do not forget to bring proof of travel insurance to be quick to act in an emergency.

Have an alternate outfit always at hand, as your child may get dirty, sweat excessively, or even vomit.

4. Traveling Vs. Sickness

Many people do not know what to do in the face of being ill and having to travel or canceling the plane due to health problems.

But the truth is that you should keep in mind when you shouldn’t be traveling and when airlines don’t allow it either.



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