Are You An Overseas Traveler? Never Do These Things

It is easy to make mistakes, but it hard to learn from them. In traveling, for instance, people would make the silliest mistake ever, yet complain about the outcomes of their own actions. Traveling is not just about finding special flight deals or international flight offers.

It is more about realizing that you are off home. This means that you are moving to a different level away from your comfort zone. This is where you are exposed to making mistakes that may cost you your life.

After looking up flight and hotel deals, it is useful to do some researching on your destination. Know the local culture, few hints on how people think there, the most common stereotypes, and the safety rates most importantly.

You can’t simply pack your stuff to a totally foreign place you know nothing about. This may sound as an interesting adventure, but it involves too much risk. Arriving safely at your destinations is not the end of the story.

You got to behave less suspiciously and more comfortably to fully enjoy your staying. For this, and for many other reasons, learn while reading this article about the 9 mistakes you make while traveling abroad.


Keep Your Pass With You


Before you pick any of those cheap air deals, think strategically of every single minor and major detail regarding your trip. These are standard precautions to consider before taking off. Think of where you can safely keep your valuables and things.

Your passport is your ticket in and out of any country so you can imagine the disastrous outcomes of losing it. Travel experts recommend using a personal travel safe. However, you are not supposed to leave the safe in your hotel room and kick off your tour.

Your passport is a personal identification that may keep you away from serious trouble in a foreign country. Yet it doesn’t mean that you’re going to walk around carrying it in your bag. You are required to scan the pass and email it to yourself or carry a copy with you wherever you go.



We do know that adventure and passion are what drive backpackers world travel lovers to tour the world like Ibn Battuta. Yet, sometimes, restricting your wild sense of adventure can be a healthy decision.

Hitchhiking is an interesting part of wild travelers’ experience, yet, it is dangerous. Don’t just ignore your gut and throw caution into the wind. Psychopaths are everywhere, seizing every opportunity they get, especially when they encounter a stranger hitchhiking on the road side of a deserted place.

Perhaps, it is safer to hitchhike and get a ride in your home country, but things change when you go off the national borders. A foreign tourist alone in a foreign county, where he knows nobody, is a really good and easy catch. Avoid going to deserted sites, especially when you travel solo.

Getting in trouble with the locals


It is always safer to think twice before taking action or saying something. People can get easily irritated and offended by any idea you express as a foreigner. It may be also an exposition of a racist mindset, so be careful with what you say and do.

Stay away from getting in trouble of any kind with the locals in your destination. Don’t push your luck; otherwise, you may end up in a local jail cell instead of your hotel room’s warm bad.

People may start fights over silly things like a lemon water bottle or fiber filled snacks in the local supermarket. Don’t expose any sudden, aggressive reactions.

Try to stay calm as much as possible. Now, this is hard if the person who is trying to provoke you is high or drunk. Still, try to avoid engaging in any ridiculous quarrels.

Skipping Travel Insurance

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Your travel planning starts by trying to find cheap air deals and luxury vacation rentals, yet it does not end there. It is not enough to just get discount business class flights because travel insurance should be a part of your travel plans as well.

The very common mistake that many travelers make is skipping something as important as travel insurance. Buying travel insurance is like ensuring safety. Extra expenses may pop up unexpectedly in the course of your vacation.

You may have to book a ticket urgently back home or be hospitalized for a medically critical condition. You may not be able or allowed to contact your family or friends for help.

Travel insurance is a must-have, especially if you are planning to take part in dangerous activities like skiing and scuba diving. Never ever underestimate the danger of such sport activities.

Flaunting Your Wealth


Going on a trip is not engaging in Project Runaway. In other words, keep your real silver jewelry, sears diamond rings, fancy dress and gowns in your hotel room.

If you try to show off and exhibit your wealth in a foreign country, you can be an easy target for robbers, thieves, and pickpockets. Wearing fancy clothes and flashy jewelry is just going to grab more attention to you, especially that of dangerous folks around.

That is why travel experts recommend adapting the local clothing code, allowing you to intermingle with the locals and walk around like one. You may still look like a tourist, but at least not as a wealthy target.

If you aren’t into the local dressing code, adjust your own clothing to fit the places and try to pick things that are less attractive.

Skip Vaccinations Before Your Journey

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Your destination may be a hub of the most infectious diseases that your immune system can’t resist, unless and until you get the necessary vaccinations. Bear in mind that skipping them is not an option.

There are specialized websites, providing you with the vaccinations you should have given your destination, like the Center For Disease Control. The consultation of the local physician is also an available option.

The vaccinations may seem slightly expensive based on the low risks of being affected by a disease. This is the case of short-term trips in particular.

Besides, if you are considering buying travel insurance, which you should, insurers demand their clients to go through all the possible precautionary procedures inclusive of having vaccinations. Don’t ever gamble with your life.

Drinking The Tap Water

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Tap water is mostly well processed and filtered, yet in poor countries and suspicious destinations, that is not quite real. Many travelers end up in the ER for consuming expired foods or drinking contaminated tap water.

The locals may drink tap water, yet experience neither poisoning nor critical health issues. Their immune systems developed their own ways to shield their bodies from contamination and infections.

However, as a foreigner, your body is still trying to decode and adapt to the new environment and climate. Tap water may contain bacteria which can attack your system, causing serious health issues. What is recommended is buying mineral water instead. It is safer.

Eating at major tourist sites or somewhere near them

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Hotels on independent hotel booking sites may, sometimes, skip the provision of details concerning the meals to be served. It does happen sometimes, although it is rare. At any rate, you have to plan where you are going to have your lunches and dinners.

Even when you start touring your destinations to see its significant historical sites, don’t even think about having a meal somewhere near them unless you are a millionaire. It is interesting to try the local cuisine, but not to the extent of paying hundreds of dollars for one dish.

Restaurants located near major tourist sites tend to be overpriced. Try to contact a friend of yours who has been in your shoes before or even ask a local person. You may be guided to places where you can enjoy a tasty local dish at a reasonable price.

Using credit card instead of cash

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Here is an interesting fact that many travelers are not aware of: using a prepaid visa card overseas is beneficial. You can be granted great rewards if you spend money abroad, using your credit card.

In fact, you may be offered 3 air miles for every $1 you have spent overseas thanks to the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card. This is regarded as the highest mile award that someone can ever get.

Plus, with credit cards, you are given optimized exchange rates than those offered by banks and money changers. Speaking of which, you got to avoid the horrible currency exchange rates services provided at the airport terminal. Hence, Your credit card is your best option.

In addition to what you have just read, your safety in your hotel room should be your priority. Once you walk into your room, make sure you secure the hotel door opener and keep a bling sting under your pillow just in case.

In luxurious hotels with hotel card door entry systems, you will be given a hotel door card that you should keep with you no matter what.



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