Avoid Being Scammed On Your Vacation With These 8 Booking Tips

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

That’s why you need to be extra careful and take your time to examine the reliability of the site_ and that it is not just some third-party scammers.

In case you weren’t sure, you can call the hotel or accommodation place directly and check the website with them; you will also make the hotel aware of the site so that they can take it down.

Identity Theft


Whether you are paying for health insurance, travel insurance, or booking a hotel, you need to make sure that the website you are using is secure before providing your credit card information.

Confirm that the website you are using should have https:// in its URL_ which is different from HTTP:// that doesn’t have an ‘s.’ booking with a website that has security standards gives your credit card more protection and keep your personal information safe.

Don’t risk losing some of your dollars when booking with websites that don’t provide a secure connection; most importantly, don’t get hypnotized by jaw-dropping offers and discounts.

Shady Policies


When you are booking with travel booking companies make certain of the hotel’s cancellation or trip change policy.

You should opt for hotels that provide a loose cancellation and trip-change policy since life is full of surprises and you’ll never know when you are going to need to cancel your trip.

The problem with website booking is that third-party sites don’t give you the opportunity to check these policies, so you may want to put extra efforts and visit the official website of the hotel. This kind of things seems easy with technology, but it actually needs you to dedicate some time to it.

No Transparency


We cannot stress enough that booking for your traveling is not just a click away. It is all a matter of extensive research, specify your needs and then scrutinize the web to find the right accommodation for you. It has been found that clients visit 7 to 10 websites before opting for one hotel.

What many travelers don’t know is that when they are comparing websites, they are stuck between two booking giants who have the biggest shares in the market (Expedia and Booking Holdings.) Maybe sometimes the best solution is to go directly to the hotel’s website and see what they offer.



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