Avoid Packing The Following 9 Items In Your Checked Bag

Last Updated on November 7, 2019

Oh! Yeah! Summer is about to break in through the cold days! Are you going anywhere special?? You’d better be because this is your shot! Flight reservation is the last thing to consider.

The best online travel booking sites can take you to a whole universe of cheap business class fares, discount flights and all sorts of super cheap plane tickets. It is up to you to make your choice.

But there is something that you should remember once you set your mind on traveling. It is all about the TSA NIGHTMARE! We know that they are doing their job, but if you don’t abide by their rules, your plans will be ruined.

The transportation of the baggage aims at smoothening your flight and the other passengers’ too. How would you think a problem would start? If you pack anything wrong in your checked bag, you may waste a lot of time to sort out your problem.

If you lost such a bag, things will be worse. Keep in mind this: anything valuable should be packed in your carry-on baggage. This way you will save more time and efforts to invest in your trip.




Jewelry and Valuables

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We know that you are excited to get to your destination and enjoy your stay in luxury vacation rentals, but there are few things to take care of before taking off: your luggage. Things like your jewelry should never be packed in your checked bag.

We surely know how attached you can be to your real silver jewelry or sears diamond rings, so that is why you should keep them close to you in your purse or leave them at home.

Your carry-on bag is the right place where to put them in as your checked bag may get lost. Your travel booking agent may provide you with extra info in this regard.

Passports, Boarding passes, Essential Docs, and ID


Finding special flight deals should not be your sole concern. Remember that you are going to a foreign country that you only know a little about. That is why you need to be cautious when it comes to keeping your pass, ID, boarding pass and other essential docs safe.

In fact, you may need them at any moment while you are at the airport. Buy a flight wallet where you can place your boarding pass card or boarding pass paper, insurance papers and any other sensitive docs.

Your flight wallet should not be placed at any rate in your checked bag. It is preferable to take it with you aboard in your carry-on bag. On top of this, always, keep copies with you wherever you go.



Credit Cards and Cash


How would pay for the cheap air deals or international flight offers that you have found? You are going to use either cash or credit card. See how important these two are. Without money, you will not be able to go anywhere.

The very crucial thing you need to remember is never packing your cash or credit card in the checked luggage. Usually, select checked bags are not screened electronically but rather checked by the hands of the TSA agents.

Several reports revealed that similar agents stole electronic gadgets, money and other things from passengers’ bags. So pack your credit card and money in your carry-on bag.

Electronics and Laptop


You really don’t want to have your Apple laptop, on which you spent a fortune, broken because of placing it in your checked bag. TSA agents and representatives always provide an integral tip for flyers: keep your electronics in your carry-on bag!

Such items are quite fragile and expensive. Sometimes, not putting your electronic gadgets in your checked bags is not just because they are fragile, but because they may also be stolen. This is likely the case when bags are not checked electronically.

Moreover, baggage handlers don’t have the time to ask or tell if the bag contains a laptop. The safest way to protect your devices is by packing them in your carry-on bag.



Matches, Lighters, and Flammable Things

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The TSA compiles a long list of items which are prohibited to be taken aboard or packed in your checked luggage. You can access the whole list on the TSA website to have a clear idea.

Some of the enlisted items are quite known like: hand grenades, tear gas, gun powder, vehicle airbags that you might have used, maybe, to protect your laptop. In addition to this, matches, lighters and any other inflammable items should not be packed.

There are exceptions where lighters without fuel can be put in the checked bags. Lighters with fuel may be packed in if they are put in approved cases by the Department of Transportation. Still, just avoid taking any similar items with you to the airport in the first place.



Your Clothes

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Don’t ever pack all of your clothes in your checked bag! It is quite risky, especially if the luggage gets lost. Always put the clothes you will need the most in your carry-on bag.

Of course, you need to keep it light, that is why you can pack things like a pair of t-shirts, underwear, socks and light shoes. You can also add one or two outfits. Even if your checked bags were lost, you will have few outfits to wear until your airlines manage to find it.

You can pack other tiny items like things you will need: a comb, a toothbrush, and key toiletries. You will certainly get through with the help of these items.





Several flyers have certain prescribed meds they can’t live without. These meds could be pain relief pills, medicine for dizziness or allergy tablets. You never know what could happen to you aboard, so please place your meds in your carry-on bag.

This is a piece of advice that you should always remember. Prescription drugs of chronic diseases, in particular, should be kept in your personal bag. Luckily, airlines allow passengers to carry their liquid medications.

In case your liquid medications are over 3.4 ounces, you should declare this when getting through the checking point. Once you tell the security officer that you are carrying liquid meds, you will be asked to take them out for inspection purposes.



Breakable Things

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Flyers blame baggage handlers a lot whereas they should not. These employees are just trying to do their job which is placing the checked luggage on to the plane. They are mostly given a short period of time and hundreds of bags to put onboard.

They can’t just pay heed to the way they place each bag because they have to meet the taking off time. As a passenger, you need to assume the responsibility of whatever you place in your checked bags.

Fragile items MUST be put in your carry-on. Obviously, not all fragile items will fit in, so take only the ones you really need or want.



Bonus: Film and Food/Drinks

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If you are a talented photographer who likes to travel around a lot, you must be carrying your camera and films everywhere you go, right?

You don’t want to ruin the films that you worked on for days because of putting them in your checked bags. The TSA checking X-ray machine used may spoil your films. Just put them in your carry-on, and a security agent will inspect them individually.

Flyers are also advised to quit packing food and drinks in their checked bags. The beverages may explode because of the pressure and spoil every piece of expensive cloth you bought.

Foods should never be packed in checked luggage. Imagine that your checked luggage gets lost, and the food you stored will become rotten and spoiled.

Take these pieces of information into account while packing. Once you are done, it will be time to look for a nice place to stay in on independent hotel booking sites or hotel search sites. Enjoy your trip!




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