Car Rental Hacks You Need to Know about to Save Money

Costco Car Rental, USAA Car Rental, BJ’s Travel Car Rental, and Hertz AAA are all much known car rental companies, and you might have used their services once or twice during your life. They mostly charge standard prices; however, standard as those prices are, they are not cheap per se!

People who need to rent cars, especially for longer-than-usual stretches of time search for the cheapest place to rent a car and would gladly take car rental codes and car rental coupon codes if they were to be handed some.

If you are a person who tends to rent cars and would like to save some money on this somewhat expensive necessity, we can help you. In this article, you will learn how to rent a car on a budget. So, keep reading to know about 10 cheapest ways to rent a car and save money.


#1 – Change Rates After You’ve Booked


With most car rental companies, such as BJ’s Car Rental and , you have the ability to pick a better rate if you find one, even after you reserved a car.

This is possible because most of these companies do not charge you ahead for your reservation, which gives you ample room to maneuver and pick the best prices as the company makes them available to the public. Therefore, make sure to recheck the prices before you pay for your car reservation.

#2 – Try to Find Coupon Codes

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Coupon Codes are everyone’s friends! They are issued by many companies and allow you to get your hands on so many great things for free or at a lower price!

If you plan, therefore, to reserve your car with AAA Hertz, make sure, before you pay, that you look through their websites and see if they have a section designated as “Hertz Discount Codes” or “AAA Hertz Coupons”. You will mostly find such a thing and be saved a considerable amount of money with a budget car rental coupon code.

#3 – Check the Difference of Rates


Car rental companies usually have different versions of their website. They have a main website and other subsidiary websites that operate in other regions of the world or the same country.

How to get a cheap rental car is, therefore, related to your ability to navigate these websites and get the best price that you can get for your rented car. Whether you use Costco, USAA Rental, or any other service, make sure that you check in all of their websites.

#4 – Enroll in Group Memberships


Car rental companies have group memberships, and you should benefit from them if you tend to rent cars a lot. Members of such a program in BJ’s, Costco, Hertz AAA car rental, and USAA enjoy a lot of benefits, chief among those are discounts.

Make sure, therefore, that you enroll in the group membership program of your favorite car rental company. The amount of money you will save over time will be considerable—you won’t be able to remove your enrollment.

#5 – Get Your Car as Part of a Package


Car rental companies offer packages, so make sure that you rent your car as part of a package. For example, instead of booking your flights, hotel room, and car separately, look for packages that offer all of these for one price, which usually comes very cheap.

Moreover, it is easy to rent cars in a bundle, because you will be saved the trouble of having to look yourself for the best car rental deal on the web.

#6 – Get Free One-Way Rental

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One way car rental tends to be very expensive. The reason being that rental companies will charge you extra money to have their car returned back to them, because you are not going to.

However, you can benefit from this and turn it to your advantage. Look for websites that list cars which need to be returned to their destination. If you find that a car needs to be returned to where you’re going, take it. You will find that it’s a lot cheaper; it’s an almost free car rental service.

#7 – Become a Loyalty Program Member


To get the best Hertz deals, or the deals of other companies, you need to enroll in a loyalty program with the rental company that you usually rent cars from.

When you become a member of such a program, you will have access to many perks and advantages: for example, the best car rental loyalty programs allow you to skip lines at rental counters and have access to deals that are reserved for members alone and no one else.

Moreover, you’ll get to accumulate points and use them toward booking flights and hotels. Customer loyalty programs are great!

#8 – Check Your Credit Card Benefits for Insurance

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Car insurance for rented cars can sometimes be very expensive. Therefore, before you go check car insurance quotes that the car rental company offers, makes sure to see whether or not your credit card benefits include covering you for car rental insurance.

This will most likely be included as an advantage by your credit card company, allowing you to avoid the ridiculous prices rental car companies usually charge for insurance.

#9 – Photograph the Car During Inspection

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Some car rental companies will charge you insane amounts of money if they find that their car has been damaged in any way. Therefore, before you take the keys of the car you rented, make sure that you take enough photos of everything that might be off with the car.

Make sure, moreover, that you report the problems to the staff. This way, if the company tries to charge you for something that you had no hand in, you will have visual (photos and videos with a timestamp) and verbal (telling the staff) proof.

#10 – Don’t Let Yourself Be Overcharged for Gas


If they get a chance to overcharge you for something, car rental companies will do so, be it for insurance, damages, or gas. You are expected to return the car with a tank that is full to the brim, and more often than not, they will ask you if you want to pay in advance for fuel.

Don’t say yes! Tell them that you will fill the tank by yourself before you return the tank. Just make sure that you find the cheapest rates for gas before you ask for a full tank.

So there you have it—10 things you can do to save money on renting cars. Often times, you find yourself in need of renting a car, and that should not be the reason why you waste money. As long as there are ways to save money on renting cars, you should use them. Good luck!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever had to pay a lot of money for insurance, gas, or damages to a car rental company.



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