Do Not Wear These 6 Items At The Airport Line Of Security

Oh! It is taking forever!! Frequently, queues at the airport security scanner get frustrating since there are many people who just don’t come prepared for it. So they keep on coming back and forward as the airport security gate is making its usual noise.

Airport security devices have witnessed great technological progress over the years, and more and more illegal stuff are detected every day. However, TSA people are still firm about certain rules

You need to make sure you will get through the security baggage scanner ASAP (as smoothly as possible). In this articles, we will introduce you to some of the items that you may not pay attention to but may cause you big problems; to the point that they may make you miss your flight altogether.

We don’t want to hear that annoying sound as you are going through airport security devices. Learning these tricks will make you satisfied with the time you spend at the airport security gate, and other passengers will be thankful.



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We understand that you want to wear your new shoes or cool shoes while going on your vacation. However, it is recommended you wear comfortable shoes that you will have no problem in taking them off to put them through the security baggage scanner.

It is better to opt for slip-on shoes or even sandals at warm weather so that you can be able to take them off and wear them back without leaving frustrated flyers behind you.

Don’t use shoes that will make you struggle with their laces such as converse shoes, timberland shoes, keen shoes, and vans shoes …

Metal Objects


It is such an embarrassment to set off the security checkpoint equipment in a queue. The security guard may carry out an additional screening, or you may attract the attention of everyone in the area.

In order to avoid this problem, make sure to get rid of everything that is made out of metal and put it in the bin.

If you happened to wear jewelry, have body piercings, or just carry your keys with you, get rid of it all in the bin. You can also avoid frisking when you have a piercing that cannot be removed by asking for a private screening.



The airport security system doesn’t differentiate between a belt, cool shoes, or a camera. You will hear that annoying noise every time a metal object goes through the airport gate.

If you happened to have a pant that falls down every time you take off your belt, it is better not to wear it to the airport. The TSA secures the airport by making people remove their belts__ even if they don’t contain a metal object.

It is funny but true. You need to choose an outfit that is belt-free or a pant that can survive a few minutes without falling down.

Coats And Jackets

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It is taken for granted now that while going through the TSA baggage security scanner, travelers need to take off their coats and jackets. This includes clothes such as hoodies, vests and so on.

All travelers are required to do so before going through the noisy gate. True, sometimes airport and airline security measures can get ridiculous. But it is something that you have to deal with.

If you complained or showed odd behavior, this may make you look more suspicious, and may get them to carry out more scanning to your body as well as to your luggage.

Offensive Clothing


We understand that clothes with smart content are now trending, there are t-shirts who say: (I think he is gay) with an arrow pointing to a right or left destination, that friends may use as a practical joke.

The t-shirt may even go as further as stating (I am next to a bomb) which means I am next to a hot person. However, the problem is that airport check-in or the TSA agents may not have the same sense of humor.

In order to avoid additional problems, do not wear stuff that may be offensive to anyone or have controversial content.

Loose-Fitting Clothes


Loose clothes are not explicitly prohibited. However, flyers who are wearing flowy skirts, sporting baggy apparel, droopy pants; and any other type of loose garment that is worn as part of one’s religion may be a subject of additional frisking and screening.

Well, it kind of makes sense; if you are wearing loose clothes it means there is enough space down there to hide prohibited items.

That is why you need to choose your airport outfit carefully, and avoid garments that can make you distinct among the crowd; clothes such as bright yellow or green that make you very visible.



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