Here Are The 10 Things Airlines Would Rather Keep As Secrets

Last Updated on August 29, 2019

Hey, air travel fans and lovers! Any news on promo flights and cheap airfares? Summer season, which is the most crowded season of the year, is about to end. This means that you got to make your next move to plan for a Christmas holiday in a winter destination.

Start planning right now for your next takeoff. Finding low-cost airline tickets is no longer an issue, and if you cannot book your flight on your own, travel booking agents will be at your service. Your adventure travel will begin with boarding your flight.

But how much do you actually know about aircraft, not technically speaking, but rather what you are told as a passenger? Do you think that airlines are 100% honest with their passengers? In fact, they, for some reason, are not.

Whether you are flying with Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines or the likes, they all cannot unveil some of their business’ secrets. Not all that they see is fake, but some things are just beyond being logical. Excited to know more? Let us get the ball rolling!

Smartphones will not cause a plane crash

©The Telegraph

As the plane’s journey kicks off and as we are thrilled and excited to set about our vacations, the first thing that flight attendants ask passengers to do is switching off their smartphones.

Through the intercom, the cabin crew warns the passengers that their phones can bring the aircraft down, but is it really true? Well, technically speaking, an-on-phone has never been reported as a plane-crash cause.

According to experts, a phone which is not put on the flight mode can interfere and impact the functioning system of the aircraft, yet it does not cause a crash.

Now that you understand that switching off your phone does not crash planes, spread the word for people to understand why they are required to put their phones off aboard a plane.

Once your flight is canceled, call immediately the customer service

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We know that you are excited about all the cultural experiences you will be engaging in throughout your travel, but you should not let having insurance for flight cancellations escape your notice.

This might help you get compensation or maybe a seat in the coming flight. Once you learn that your flight is canceled, contact the gate agents, who would be usually busy. Therefore, while waiting for your turn, call customer service.

By just waiting and discussing your issue with the gate agents, the next flight’s seats will be decreasing gradually. This is a question of time which will determine the fate of your next flight reservation.

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Every airplane carries hidden objects


You would recognize the value of having a travel insurance policy when you have your flight canceled or baggage lost. It is all worth it to enjoy a unique travel experience. As you board a plane, all you can see is basically seats and few other items.

But the plane has got more than just these things. Flight attendants hide very specific items like handcuffs, fire extinguisher, supplemental oxygen, and an ax. These are all items to be used in case of an emergency.

An aircraft is, therefore, equipped with all what could be needed in disastrous scenarios to contain the situation (in case of a plane going down, a passenger having a heart attack or the likes).

Your time on a delayed flight is limited


Sometimes, even if you manage to find super cheap plane tickets and plan carefully to get to your unique travel destination, issues can pop up out of the blue. Speaking of issues, flight delays are a very common problem.

Usually, when the flight is delayed after the boarding, passengers sit comfortably in their plane seats. But the government does not seem to be okay with this. As a passenger, you are allowed to stay on a delayed plane for not more than 3 hours.

Since airlines don’t want to be in trouble with the government and end up paying a fine, they cancel the flight because of this restricting rule.

If you have a lost bag, your airlines may owe you a fortune

©The Economist

In addition to the flight delay compensation that you may benefit from, airlines may owe some good money in case you lose one of your bags. This is possible upon one condition, which is your ability to identify the items placed in the lost bag.

Airlines are not really into payouts. But they often have to deal with it anyway. Lost luggage is a common issue for which passengers can be compensated if they can identify the contents of their lost bags.

If the latter contains valuable items, proof must be presented. Therefore, use your skills as a professional photographer to capture what is in your bag before heading to the airport.

Flight attendants can fall asleep

©New York Post

Flight attendants are not robots. They do also need some rest during flights, especially the longer ones. Planes contain usually hidden bedrooms for the cabin crew to have some rest. The small sleeping compartments can house two to even three people.

Passengers may not find the exact location of these places. But the latter is usually above the passengers, especially aboard Boeing aircraft. They contain all resting and entertaining means like storage space, pajamas, and TVs. So if you wonder about where the rest of the crew goes, they are could be taking a nap in a spot above your head.

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Don’t have the meals served aboard the plane

©Serious Eats

Getting your hands on fully funded active vacation packages is no longer complicated. Few search rounds on the best online travel booking sites can take you right to the deals that you are looking for.

If you already found what you are looking for, then you must be very lucky. All is left is getting to the airport and boarding the plane. If you are hungry, you’d better grab a bite before the flight.

The food which is served aboard the plane is actually prepared from 12 to 24 hours prior to the flight. The meal that you get is made of basically heated foods full of sugar and salt.

The pilots are far more tired than imagined

©The Balance Careers

Finding unique places to visit is the beginning of making your journey special and interesting. You should be also driven by this sense of curiosity to know what you need to know about your flight and planes in general.

One of the interesting things you may learn about is that pilots are far more exhausted than imagined. Normally, pilots should be in the air for not more than 8 hours, given that the time spent on pre-flight checks, delays and maintenance is not included in the evoked eight hours.

So pilots may spend up to 14 hours working and don’t have time to get the rest they need. Hence, they kick off their flights tired.

The use of code words by the cabin crew means that something is wrong

©Condé Nast Traveller India

Cabin crews are trained to act and react to situations of emergency, inclusive of plane crashes. It is their job to keep things under control and passengers seated. If passengers are told about an ongoing crisis, they would mostly freak out and act crazily.

That is why cabin crews prefer to keep the unclear plane crises to themselves and communicate, suing codes like 7500, 7600 or 7700.

The last figure-7700-means that there is a general emergency, the 7500 code means that the aircraft is exposed to highjacking, and the 7600 code refers to an issue of communication loss in the radio. If you hear any of these codes, just calm down and remain seated. The cabin crew is trained to deal with situations like these.

The cabin lights are meant to be dim to facilitate seeing in darkness

©GGI Solutions

Planes are gigantic machines which are equipped with systems that function in accordance with the circumstances. To illustrate, suppose that a plane is going down, crashing, the light will likely go off. That is why you should be capable of seeing what is going on in dark.

This is what explains the dim cabin lights, trying to adjust your sight and preparing you to see in the dark in case of an emergency.

The plane’s shades must remain also open, tray tables closed, and seats upright. These are procedures taken to facilitate evacuation when possible. Take into account all this when you board a flight.

Don’t let any of these secrets spoil your dream travel experience? Use them to optimize your perfect journey to stay in luxury vacation rentals and record every moment in your travel journal!

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