Here Are The 10 Things Airlines Would Rather Keep As Secrets

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Hey, air travel fans and lovers! Any news on promo flights and cheap airfares? Summer season, which is the most crowded season of the year, is about to end. This means that you got to make your next move to plan for a Christmas holiday in a winter destination.

Start planning right now for your next takeoff. Finding low-cost airline tickets is no longer an issue, and if you cannot book your flight on your own, travel booking agents will be at your service. Your adventure travel will begin with boarding your flight.

But how much do you actually know about aircraft, not technically speaking, but rather what you are told as a passenger? Do you think that airlines are 100% honest with their passengers? In fact, they, for some reason, are not.

Whether you are flying with Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines or the likes, they all cannot unveil some of their business’ secrets. Not all that they see is fake, but some things are just beyond being logical. Excited to know more? Let us get the ball rolling!

Smartphones will not cause a plane crash

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As the plane’s journey kicks off and as we are thrilled and excited to set about our vacations, the first thing that flight attendants ask passengers to do is switching off their smartphones.

Through the intercom, the cabin crew warns the passengers that their phones can bring the aircraft down, but is it really true? Well, technically speaking, an-on-phone has never been reported as a plane-crash cause.

According to experts, a phone which is not put on the flight mode can interfere and impact the functioning system of the aircraft, yet it does not cause a crash.

Now that you understand that switching off your phone does not crash planes, spread the word for people to understand why they are required to put their phones off aboard a plane.

Once your flight is canceled, call immediately the customer service

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We know that you are excited about all the cultural experiences you will be engaging in throughout your travel, but you should not let having insurance for flight cancellations escape your notice.



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