Here Are The 6 Dirtiest Places In The Plane You Should Not Touch

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Water fountain button


Staying hydrated has to be the most important task to never neglect, so regardless of where you are, always drink water. But when you are at the airport, you should never satisfy your thirst at the closest water fountain… it is too risky!

The button contains over 7999 bacteria per square centimeter, which is enough reason to keep us as far from it as possible. However, this information should never discourage you from hydrating yourself and drinking water. You can either bring a bottle with you from home or buy a new one from there.

It is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy while drinking water, we don’t want to have a dangerous illness because of it after all!

The airplane food tray


The number one dirtiest place on the plane is the food tray, and it certainly not a good thing to hear that it contains 12,903 bacteria per square centimeter. I mean, it is where we place our foods, what we touch the most, and where we put our heads, too.

The good news is you are now aware of how dirty that tray is, and it is in our power to clean it before we use it. In case you forgot and ended up touching it before cleaning, then just sanitize as soon as you can. Remember to never place your food directly on the table, and watch where you put your hands too.



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