Here Are The Airline Perks You Need To Take Advantage Of

Traveling is considered to be one of the most exciting things we all experience, but not everyone would agree when it comes to planes and going up in the air for the sake of reaching our destinations. Some of us find airline travel to be extremely stressful, annoying, boring, and there are others who find it luxurious.

If you are lucky enough to ever fly in an international first class or business, then you have access to a limitless in-flight pampering that you could really enjoy!

Whether you travel a lot or only when it is summer vacation, you still need to be aware of all the airline perks available. After all, you paid an expensive flight ticket and you deserve to be spoiled during the journey.

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Chauffeur ride from and to the airport


Since a long time ago, airlines used to provide this premium flight perk where they offer you a chauffeur to take you from and to the airport.

It was offered to first-class and business passengers, but many airlines stopped offering this perk unless you purchase one of the highest fare classes, and forget about the award travelers.

However, Emirates Airlines in Dubai still offers complimentary arrival and departure transfers for all the first-class and business customers, especially those who travel on frequent flyer awards.

So next time you book a ticket with this airline, make sure to ask about it and you will definitely be allowed to claim it.

Complimentary spa treatment


Nobody wants to spend a lot of time at the airport, waiting for the delayed flight while watching travelers coming and going.

So, if you are entitled to deluxe self-care options, then you can take advantage of receiving spa treatments or massages. This is a reality if you are traveling with the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in London.

Visitors would receive one complimentary treatment from a menu of services like therapeutic oil back massages, facials, buff manicure, creative dry hairstyle for the ladies, and a neck tidy for the gentlemen.

Also, the American Express Centurion lounges in New York, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Miami offer 15 minutes manicures and massages.

Personal assistant

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Even when you are flying in first-class or business, you still need to carry all the bags through the airport, especially if it is a massive international one where you need to walk for long. Unless you have a Lufthansa First Class ticket, you will have your own personal assistant.

As soon as you walk into the airport, this service will welcome you, assist you when checking in your bags, and escort you through security and immigration.

Moreover, your assistant will be there waiting to guide you into the lounge and notify you when changes occur to the flight schedule. If you are starting your trip from Frankfurt Germany, then you will be driven to your flight in a Mercedes or Porsche vehicle.

A nanny


Even if you got the most expensive seat on the plane, your crying kids would still make the journey a lot less worth it. We understand the reasons for their crying and we couldn’t be more thoughtful, but when it comes to traveling, we know the parents/caregivers and the other passengers would want to enjoy the ride.

Many airlines have concerned this, and that’s why they are offering a helping hand. So if you have a kid or two, and you are traveling on Etihad Airways, then you will have the opportunity to get a nanny from the flying nanny program, especially if the flight is going to take hours to reach the destination.

Friends fly for free


In order to earn a Southwest Airlines Companies Pass, you may need to do a little hard work. But the effort will be worth it, especially if you are a frequent flyer.

Basically, you will be able to win the ability to fly someone with you for free for about a year or two (aside from the government fees $5.60 per way), which is a dream can come true to best friends and partners.

In order to get this perk, you will have to be a member of Rapid Rewards credit card program of the Southwest, and you will earn a pass right after you rack up 110,000 qualifying miles.

In case you earned the pass early in the year, your companion will be able to fly with you during that entire year and the one following it.



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