Here Are the Top 7 Airport Tricks For Seniors You Should Know Now!

Last Updated on December 31, 2019

We are never too old or too young to travel and explore the world. So, if you’re a retiree who is finally getting to travel to the destinations that you’ve always longed for, congratulations to you!

Although traveling can be generally challenging, it is more so when you are traveling as an elderly person compared to traveling when you’re young.

Some of the challenges that most senior people face while traveling include confusion or stress resulting from unfamiliarity with the complex airport environment, fatigue from standing during check-in and passenger security screening, or long distance walks in the terminal, etc.

There are a lot of things to do to make your airport experience easier and enjoy a smooth, comfortable trip. On this list, you’ll find the top 7 tricks for that, so buckle up and get ready for some tips you’ll probably wish you knew sooner!


#1 – Breeze through airport security

The line at the airport security checkpoint is long and the wait feels longer because of how tiresome and painful it is for you to stand for so long.

It turns out that you can enjoy some special treatment as a senior person and avoid the dreadful lines at security, by displaying American Express Black Card or TSA notification card and other medical documents indicating any medical conditions you have.

Airports may ask for a written note from your doctor so there is no harm in preparing one. This allows you to skip lines or get into a special line for other seniors.

#2 – Wheel around the airport

Walking around the airport can be extremely exhausting for a senior person, which is why you should look for a comfortable way to move around throughout the airport process.

You can reserve a wheelchair or an electric cart from your airline and cruise around until you reach the gate.

You should also note that wheelchairs, electric scooters, crutches, and other mobility aids are checked in as carry-ons at no costs.

#3 – Ask for special assistance



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