Here Are The World’s 10 Most Dangerous Airports

There is no public transportation that we can consider as safe, we are basically surrounded by danger in any vehicle we decide to ride, but if we have to compare, then air travel would basically be the safest, minus the exceptions.

If you paid attention, you would notice that most dangerous airports make money out of scaring passengers.

It is still a mystery understanding how some of their runaways were built or how architects were brave enough to make a dangerous place the location of a landing plane.

In fact, Japan is ready to open a temporary runaway to handle the traffic in the 2020 Summer Olympics in the Narita National Airport… It is the definition of scary, and yet, people will still fly there from all over the world.

However, it still can’t be compared to some airports around the world that have made many people’s hearts shiver from fear, so if you are interested to know more, don’t hesitate to follow me into the next page.


Scotland: Barra Airport

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This Scottish airport is the only one with a beach runaway that’s used only for scheduled flights. It is located on the Barra Island, so basically, the runaway wouldn’t be used until the tide is out; the location has an elevation of 5 ft above sea level only.

The airports have three runaways and they are all operating at high tide because they are underwater.

All the flights are operated by the British Airways, and they are not allowed to land on anytime to avoid any “drowning” situation, and to make it more dangerous, the plane would depend only on the lights of vehicles during the night when it is trying to land.

Nepal: Lukla Airport


The pilots have the hardest mission when they try to land at Lukla airport because it is definitely one of the most dangerous ones in the world. They basically have to land a flying vehicle on a very short runaway that’s located between two large mountains. In fact, one of these mountains is Everest, so you know the deal.

While landing, there is no traffic control on site, no lights, and the electric power is restricted. All of this creates the perfect definition of danger that would make the adrenaline go crazy inside your veins.

France: Courchevel International Airport


With a 1722 ft (525 meters) runaway, Courchevel International Airport earns the award of being the shortest runaway in the world. However, we may still be accepted of that and think that’s it is not as dangerous, but what if we told you that the runaway is also paved and has a gradient of 18.5%?

Basically, the plane doesn’t have enough space to gather sufficient speed to fly, so it falls off a cliff, and the pilots just hope for the best.

That’s not the only issue, the plane would need to navigate through large and narrow valleys in the Alps while flying… It is like being in an action movie!

Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Toncontin Airport

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This airport is particularly challenging because it is located in the heart of the mountains. To land, the aircraft would need to make a 45° bank turn through a dangerous valley in order to reach the runaway, which means it should reduce the altitude quickly and then land without scraping the terrain.

Every time the plane lands, it is a whole series of some difficult process that would make the passengers pray to be alive afterward.

Okinawa: MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station Futenma)


This is the most dangerous airport in the world but not for regular flights, but for the Navy and Marine Corps. Basically, they need to operate and do all of their tactical aircraft on the air in any kind of weather. But to make things worse, the aircraft flies over the Clear Zone where over 3,000 people are living.

In other words, the planes would need to do some dangerous things on the air in terrifying weather over hospitals, schools, and city offices. The pressure the pilots feel must be extremely high!

Damascus International Airport


This is the airport with the danger that doesn’t depend on the weather, the runaway, the elevation or anything. It is about the ongoing civil war that’s happening in Syria.

The issue is the territory is highly wanted by many parties, but it is often claimed by ISIS, the Syrian Army, or other rebel factions.

So technically, the Syrian Airlines have to send 2 commercial flights daily – to Beirut and Moscow, while being extremely careful not to be at risk of being shot by Turkish, Russian, and American fighter planes while flying.

Bhutan: Paro Airport

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What do you expect from an airport located in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains? It is surrounded by high peaks and it is 7,300 ft above sea level. Plus, it is built on the banks of Paro Chu River.

The airport wouldn’t work unless it is daylight hours because of the dangerous weather conditions and the severe terrain. It is extremely dangerous that only 25 pilots in the world are qualified to land their aircraft there.

Madeira airport


Madeira airport is a well-known place, but passengers would still need a lot of courage to fly from there. The runaway is only 9,124 feet, and it was doubled back in 2000. Yet, it is still short!

The extension of the airport is supported by 180 columns that are located in the ocean. Let’s not forget the rocky Cliffside that’s surrounding the runaway.
It could truly make your heart skip a beat, regardless of how brave you are!

St. Maarten: Princess Juliana International Airport

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This airport is the most interesting one because it is located right next to a public beach, so when the pilots are trying to land, they have to be extremely careful not to hit a tourist or a beach visitor.

The runaway, however, is not as short (2,179 meters) but it still needs to be longer since Princess Juliana International airport welcomes only large airplanes like Boeing 747s and A340s, which need 2,500 meters in order for it to land safely.

Greenland: Narsarsuaq airport


The most dangerous circumstances to provide in an airport are the horrible weather and the short length of runaway, and that’s what Narsarsuaq airport has exactly. Since it is located in a cold place, you can understand that ice is surrounding the entire place.

The runaway is only 1,800 meters and it is combined with stormy weather, slick ice canvass, low visibility, and turbulence. These conditions have made this airport the most dangerous one that gives an unpleasant experience for both passengers and flight crew.

Only people with the bravest hearts would be able to handle the dangers this airport provides because, seriously, it is like staring into the eyes of death!



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