How To Get A Flight Refund On A Nonrefundable Flight!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Low-cost airlines have made it so easy for us to go on a vacation that we can fly almost everywhere these days at an affordable price. However, those cheap tickets are almost always non-refundable which can become a problem if you happen to have last-minute changes that will keep you from boarding your flight.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to refund plane tickets sometimes, and even if you can’t get the full value back you can often get a part of the price refunded as value toward a future ticket. For that to happen it’s important to be acquainted with how to book refundable flights.


#1 – The 24-hour rule that can get you a refund on plane tickets

Every airline operating in the United States of America must follow a simple rule designed by the Department of Transportation: Every person that has booked their flight one week before departure can cancel it for a period of 24 hours after purchase and must receive a full refund, independently of the kind of airplane ticket acquired.

#2 – This is the 24-Hour golden rule on how to book refundable flights.

This allows you to take on good travel opportunities when you spot them while still giving you the chance to look for a better deal.

However, this is the only easy way to get a refund on plane tickets since this is the best consumer protection deal available. Any other kind of cancelation can be a huge complication and this happens for countless reasons.

#3 – Universal airline rules for plane tickets’ refund

A voluntary refund is something that happens when you cancel a flight before the journey for an unforeseen reason. Domestic airlines in the US and Canada don’t really have rigid and standard policies on how to handle this situation.

As for other international airlines, the tendency is to have similar but not identical policies. So in order to make your life easier we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of policies for some of the most known airlines. If you are thinking about buying a ticket from one of them check the following list.



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