Hurry Up And Read On 9 Destinations Between the Past And Present

Nothing is constant; everything changes nonstop. Around the world exists a bunch of destinations that were recommended once to not visit in the past. They used to be labeled as dangerous destinations and enlisted as such on traveling spots’ lists.

But now, out of a sudden, these destinations are among the best and safest places worldwide. Summer is already here, so maybe it is time to set a date for your flight reservation procedures.

Pack your lightweight suitcases to go to some of the areas that used to be hazardous due to wars, terror attacks, and other factors. Some of these areas are still relatively not 100% clear from all danger, but they are safe to visit in our present days.

So plan your trip wisely, find active vacation packages, contact private jet travel companies, and consult the best online travel booking sites for help.

But before any of this, it is preferable to read yourself about the nine destinations that were once nicknamed cities of darkness to decide whether you want to go or not.


Medellin, Colombia

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When speaking of Pablo Escobar, Medellin is the direct word that pops up in your mind. This is the city where the cocaine kingpin had his own gang that took the same city’s name. Tourism in the city back in the 80s and 90s was a suicidal proposition.

Escobar’s gang were scattered everywhere, so visiting the city was pretty dangerous. But now things changed a lot. The city now is home to 2.5 millions of residents, living in a city with a glamorous view over the Aburra Valley.

Medellin turned to be the modern new Colombia void of danger and marked by safety. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy air ticket after getting the assistance of a travel booking agent to find good air ticket promotion deals.


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Despite everything they went through, the middle Asian countries managed to fight against all conflicts and overcome all sorts of obstacles to become examples of modern communities. Myanmar might be a good example.

This place is referred to in George Orwell’s Burmese Days as Burma. An oppressive military junta ruled the place for almost 50 years. After North Korea, Burma topped the list of the most isolated states worldwide.

Back in 2011, the Burmese land witnessed a historical change as the junta lost their seat of power. Many tourists began to visit the country since then.

You can be one of them; airlines offer super cheap plane tickets but don’t expect any luxury vacation rentals for the infrastructure is not completely modernized. Anyway, you will have the chance to see and gaze at those Buddhist temples as long as you wish.

However, the current Rohingya crisis, a Muslim community, may not make Myanmar a good place to visit with a clear conscience. These Muslims are chased down out of their own country and homes into Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka

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In the southeast coast of India, you can find Sri Lanka. It is basically an island nation and home to many people. This small nation witnessed the horrors of a terrible civil war between its local government and the known, separatist Tamil Tigers.

The war lasted for a long time (outset in 1983 and end in 2009). Once the war ended, many were excited to discover the place where people, who struggled and survived a war they did not choose to engage in, live. Sri Lanka is the right place for nature lovers and verdant wildlife wanderers.

The island nation has got some of the most attractive, sandy beaches ever. For backpackers world travel like experience, start from Sri Lanka.



We know that watching a film like The Stoning Of Soraya might picture an Iran which is not fit to visit or even consider as a travel destination, but in recent years, the Iranian community changed massively to the best.

There are many films that portray Iran as a country that refused foreigners back in the 70s and 80s. Nowadays, Iran is open for visits by anyone. It is now among the most visited countries in the world in general and the Orient in particular.

The unique thing about Iran is that it offers its visitors a comprehensive package of everything you would like to try: tasty foods, ancient ruins, Persian culture, desert treks, and fun skiing experience. No need to worry about where to stay; hotel search sites can introduce you to a range of options.

Belfast, Northern Ireland


From Iran in the orient to Northern Ireland in the occident! Between 1968 and 1998, Belfast in Northern Ireland was a war zone. The-30-year war between the UK government, the Irish Republican Army, and Ulster loyalists took place there.

Back then, the sounds of bombings and terror attacks were not surprising at all. During the three decades of the war, there were about 50,000 recorded casualties. Belfast overcame the crisis very quickly; it has become the city-wish on the bucket list for many people on Christmas.

The city has even built a cultural district named the Titanic Quarter. This is the site where the famous Titanic was constructed. There are plenty of castles, museums, and political murals to see.

Kibuye, Rwanda

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What is it that comes to your mind when you hear Rwanda? Probably genocide, horror killings, bloodshed….back in 1994, the militias killed more than a million civilians. The UN Peacekeepers stood there helplessly and could not do a thing.

These verdant lands of Rwanda were turned into blood pools. Sadly, this East African beautiful country is truly captivating. Nowadays, the country is stable. One of the most gorgeous sites in Rwanda is the Kibuye town.

It is a great spot for activities like biking in addition to enjoying scenic views. On top of this, you are going to taste real natural views thanks to the two parks existing on the lands of this country.

It is safer now to go and explore the place, but book flights with cancellation insurance just in case.


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Let us stick to Africa for a while! Since 2000, Zimbabwe has been considered as an outcast and a pariah state. The leader during this period of time was Robert Mugabe.

The country and its people witnessed the absence of the rule of law, high rates of unemployment, over 50%, and indescribable inflation. The country was not recommended as a travel destination to be visited.

After occupying the seat of presidency in the country for 37 years, Mugabe was removed. Hope seems to be the new daily life slogan after years of suffering.

You could be among the first foreign visitors to this land. The country’s rich landscape can attract the attention of hundreds of visitors.

El Salvador


Hip hop to another country and continent! To El Salvador! This is a country situated in Central America in the Pacific coast. From the 1930s until the 1990s, the country experienced all sorts of suffering, resulting from civil wars, chaos, assassination, and incompetent government.

Now, the situation is different as the dust settled after the long-lasting storm. Crime rates are unfortunately still high because of the presence of gangs who are usually involved in crimes.

However, most travelers would enjoy few days in the countryside. The residents there put their hearts and minds to build eco-tourist towns to grab the attention of visitors.

You can find cottages where to stay in independent hotel booking sites. Don’t forget to pack your adventure gear; you might need it.



A historical fact: 25% of the Cambodian population has been killed between 1975 and 1979 by the Khmer Rouge. This is the radical communist party in the country that was in power in the same period.

This troubled past hunted Cambodia down until 1993, as the country tasted some peace after years of suffering. Economically, Cambodia is a poor country with the average income that the population lives on is less than one dollar per day.

However, Cambodia is rich in culture and history. There are plenty of beaches to see, mountains to hike, and sites to visit such as Angkor Wat and Siam Reap. Cambodia has the potentials to make the touristic sector as its main sector; therefore boost its economy.

Did you decide where to go this year? You got to hurry up before you run out all the cheap business class fares offers. Good flight and hotel deals are a good catch, but only if you are a smart early bird.



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