Look At These 6 Genius Tips To Have A Better Flight!

Last Updated on February 28, 2021

Getting inside the airplane, sharing your travel time with someone you don’t know, facing your fear of flying, or going on a long journey can all be stressful situations. But wanderlust is a reality, and we all have places to travel to that can’t be reached any other way than by plane.

Online travel booking websites are constantly offering awesome travel packages, and this is already a plus when trying to ease your need for adventure because you can do it for a small price.

All you need are some tips on how to survive a long flight (or a short one, if you really, really dislike flying) with as much comfortable as you can possibly get. So here are some recommendations from flight attendants that will enhance your time in the skies.


1. Be the last one to board and fly next to an empty seat

If you really want a cheap flight, you won’t waste any money picking the seat you want – you can use that money for travel insurance, for instance. You may rely on luck to help you with that, so book a random seat, and when boarding time comes, try to be the last one in line.

The seat on your ticket is always guaranteed, but if the plane is not at full capacity there is a chance that a flight attendant will let you switch and you won’t need to sit beside someone you don’t know – this is especially useful as a tip for long flights since it is extra annoying to have to share the space with someone you don’t know and that might even have some bad plane habits. Either way, do not forget to take your best travel accessories with you to guarantee maximum comfort.

2. Avoid sitting near babies

Babies are cute creatures. But as seat neighbors, babies or toddlers can annoy you to no end, especially if you’re trying to get a nap!

There is a specific part on the plane where passengers with children will most likely be seated, and that is the bulkhead, given that it’s the only part of an airplane where a parent can properly secure the baby’s bassinet. So, most likely, children under the age of one will be near this area, and you can try to avoid it when booking your flight ticket and avoid the loud crying of babies!

3. Take the back seat for a better service

This is the opposite of the tip that comes in almost every travel blog: “sitting at the front is better.” It can be, if you want to be the first one to disembark, or if you want to have the first pick on plane meals. But, if you would rather have a more attentive service, you should pick the back seat.

Why? Because there are commodities like an extra pillow or earplugs that won’t get to the front sits. There isn’t enough for everyone, and crossing the whole plane while holding these extra commodities might get the eye of other passengers and it won’t be enough for everyone. So, you are more likely to have a bit of extra comfort slipped in if you sit at the back.

4. Do not sit by the window

In-flight comfort accessories often include a blanket because being 35,000 feet high directly translates into cold temperatures.

If you are one of those people who really suffer from cold weather, take that into consideration when picking your seat and choose one that is not near the window.

This is one of the most important long flight tips because if you are exposed to low temperatures for far too long, you risk ending up sick when you arrive at your destination.

5. Be a careful packer and avoid unnecessary expenses

Low-cost airlines are a real bliss for us thirsty adventurers because we get offered some sweet travel deals, but they all have the same catch – you can barely bring anything with you.

Some airlines are stricter than others, but this is something that you really need to consider because there is the risk that they will charge you for excess baggage at the airport.

Check with your travel agency in order to know your limitations and pack accordingly – think about what you actually need and avoid taking unnecessary stuff (and leave some space to bring back souvenirs).

6. Get upgrades as a frequent traveler

Being part of a trusted traveler program can translate into flight upgrades every now and then. You can join this kind of program for free, and if a flight has seats available in business class, the airline might just scan all the passengers, see each person who is a frequent flyer and offer them an upgrade without any additional costs.

Anyway, it is always good to pack in-flight comfort accessories and use the famous compression socks for extra comfort, because this is a matter of luck and you might end up sitting in a place with limited leg space – better safe than sorry.

Safe travel!



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