The 10 Things You Need To Do Before Boarding An Airplane

Last Updated on April 5, 2019

When we think about travel, we basically can’t think of anything bad, except for the air travel process. It is one of the most stressful situations that we have to deal with, even if we are flying first-class.

Regardless of the season, the weather, and the destination, you would still be subject to turbulence, delays, whims of Mother Nature, and other people… It is just not fun!
The thing that makes it a lot more stressful is the fact that we don’t go fully prepared.

We focus on packing and preparing only for the trip, but we forget that the airport and the time we spend on a flight needs to be considered, too. Or, we will end up having a bad time just trying to get to our destination as fast as possible.

We have created a list with the most important things that you need to do before you get on a plane in order to make your flight experience a lot easier and as worry-free as it should be.


Have the right ID

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Obviously, your ID is your passing ticket at the airport to the plane. Without it, you will not be allowed past baggage check without going through a long, complicated procedure to confirm your identity, which will waste a lot of time you may not have.

If you are willing to fly domestic, then your state-issued, valid driver’s license can be enough. If you don’t have it, then you need to check the ID requirements in order to figure out an alternative. In case you are flying outside the country, you will obviously need a passport (or passport card).

You need to take photocopies of your passport and carry them in different bags to avoid any issue. That stressful situation can lead you to lose it or lose anything that’s important. Make sure to leave one of the photocopies with a friend or a family member, it will be a great help if you needed to go to the embassy and get it replaced.

Charge your devices

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Most of us rely on a bunch of electronic devices every hour of every day, like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and MP3 player (there are still people hanging onto them). If you are willing to bring them along with you to the flight, then it is a must to keep them fully charged before boarding the plane.

Some of the newer planes have outlets next to the passenger seats where you can charge any device, but still, there are many planes that don’t, so it is best to charge them before you end up with a dead phone.

It is a good idea to consider portable chargers in order to save yourself and your devices, especially if the road to your destination is going to take hours.

Check TSA regulations


Passengers have to go through a lot of regulations by the Transportation Security Administration in order to guarantee the entire plane’s safety.

To make the whole process easier, you need to respect many things, even if they don’t make any sense to you. For instance, don’t pack liquids over 3.4 ounces or they will throw it away. If you need these liquids, then pack them in the checked luggage.

If you have your laptop with you, then make sure to take it out when going through security. However, your smartphone and tablet can still be in your carry-on bag. The final step is taking off your shoes before going through TSA, so make sure there are no holes in your socks.

These regulations change constantly, so make sure to check them before any trip!

Go to the doctor

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Even though you feel fine and there is no medical issue that you need to worry about, it is still important to drop by the general practitioner’s office before your plane day.

After all, no one wants to deal with a sudden medical emergency when in the air, especially if you used to deal with a medical condition in the past or you are pregnant.

If you are on medications, you need to make sure all your prescriptions are updated for the time you will be out of your hometown.

If you are traveling overseas, then make sure to get every vaccination needed; you can know what you need by checking the country with the CDC. Lastly, talk to your doctor about the things you need to do to stay healthier while flying.

Dress right!


The clothes you choose to wear have a big impact on your trip’s quality. For one, you need to guarantee to be comfortable during the entire flight, so avoid anything tight or that can cause a disturbance. Also, it is a good idea to bring a hoodie or a light jacket because the temperature inside the plane can drop.

Consider the shoes you are willing to wear during the flight, make sure they are comfortable and close-toed to protect your feet. Also, the latter should not be exposed to the floor of the plane because it can get extremely dirty and germy.

Lastly, don’t wear anything that could disturb the passengers, like after-shave or strong perfume. It is extremely important to consider other people’s allergies and sensitivities.

Withdraw the right amount of money


When traveling, anything is possible, whether good or bad, so we never know when a power outage could shut your credit card readers down, or the ATM at the airport could go down. Carrying the right amount of money with you is extremely important when traveling, especially if you are going outside the country.

You need to withdraw the right amount of money and plan everything accordingly. We all know that money is irreplaceable and that’s why you shouldn’t carry more or less than you need.

Basically, you just need to have enough cash to get you through the day. This method will also help you to be cheaper and save the extra money for the trip.

Have something to do on the plane

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If you didn’t make any plans ahead of time, your flight will be the most boring experience you will ever have, to the point it will kill your mood for the entire trip. So to start the whole thing right, make sure to have a few activities prepared in advance, and your phone/tablet should not be the only options to count on.

Of course, your electronic devices will keep you entertained for a long time. You will have access to games, music, podcasts, and YouTube videos, but the batteries will not be “alive” for the longest time.

So make sure to bring a book or your e-reader, but make sure to fill it with many books because you may not have access to internet or Wi-Fi service in the flight. You can also get a tablet with a few movies downloaded just in case!

Bring food


You may not be allowed to bring beverages on the plane, but you still can bring food, which is a very smart move. According to many travel agents, airlines are not putting food at their top priorities, especially if you are not in the first-class.

So make sure to prepare your own food at home and take them to the plane – it is better than buying food from the airport, save money for the trip!

Obviously, you should not bring something needs to be heated because you will have no access to the microwave. Don’t get any food that has strong smells out of consideration to other passengers. You can just pack fruits, a sandwich, or some nuts to keep you going through the trip.

Plan your transportation

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Regardless of the reason behind your trip, you need to have a plan for how to get to your destination when your flight lands. Thankfully, we are living in the days when ridesharing apps are available almost everywhere in the world.

But yet, you still need to have a plan B in order to not get stuck in the airport when you have an important conference to attend.

If you have a friend or a family member living in the area, then ask them to pick you up. If not, then you should do your homework and figure out the public transportation system before you even leave for the airport. You can also ask the hotel if they have a hotel shuttle to pick you up.

The most important thing is to consider your safety and to make sure that everything you plan is going as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that ‘expensive’ is a lot better than ‘not safe’!

Be prepared!

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In general, you need to have everything prepared before boarding the plane, even the little details. Take care of things at your destination and at home. Make sure to not leave any little thing to chance, and always have a plan B for everything.

Give yourself enough time to do everything on this trip right, and that’s how you will have the best trip experience.

Above all this, your mind will be at peace and not stressed about anything, which will help you explore your destination a lot better. Remember to have fun in the process!
Good luck.



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