The 7 Hotel Fees To Avoid For A Cheap Journey

Last Updated on May 27, 2019

The season of holidays is about to begin, any plans or thoughts? The best online travel booking sites uncovered their long-awaited offers of super cheap plane tickets and cheap business class fares.

A luxurious flight from anywhere you want to many parts of the world. You can buy airline tickets online right now and start packing for an unforgettable experience to your dream destinations.

Aside from your flight reservation online, there are hotel search sites with great offers, but are they really good deals? Well, that is hard to tell. Extra fees are always like sneaky germs that pop out of the blue.

Unexpectedly, you may have to pay extra fees which are not usually declared on online room booking sites. It is your welcome surprise. This deceptive approach is now adopted by all hotels to make more profits out of the reservations.

Some say that hoteliers were fond of the profits made by airlines companies. Here is a list of 7 surprising hotel fees that you should avoid.


Resort Fees

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Hotels seem to have taken their intelligence to the next level. The trickiest fees ever are the ones which are mandatory. In other words, either you pay them or you will be kicked out of your room. Resort fees can cost double of what you actually pay.

It does not enable you to draw a comparison between the rates in hotels subtotals list. This has become a common practice in several vacation destinations such as Hawaii and Las Vegas.

In fact, other luxury vacation rentals in other tourist vacation spots joined the list of the practice’s adopters. In big cities, hoteliers use facility fees instead of resort fees to deceive more people.

Despite the change of the appellation, the effect is still the same. Finding hotels without resort fees is becoming harder and harder.

Housekeeping Fees


Here is another hotel scam! Housekeeping fees! A simpler term which can be used amounting to the same thing is maid service fees. Few years ago during your busy, traveling journeys, you had the choice to either leave a tip or not for the housekeeping services.

However, things have changed now, as hotels expect you to leave tips. Several hotels went beyond to the extent of obliging their guests to abide by the housekeeping fees rule.

Others do it in a lighter way by leaving a notice in your room, informing you about the tip you are supposed to leave on your way out. The problem with housekeeping fees is that you know nothing about it until you check in. Hoteliers resort to this scam to just cut more from their poor employees’ wages.

Unattended-Parking Fees

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In accordance with the new hotelier conventions, you don’t have to bear the expenses of your stay alone, but also your car. Once you drive into your hotel, you are liable for parking fees. Can you imagine?

Such parking fees are mostly unexpected to be found if you stay in suburban or rural areas. You can then park your car anywhere you want charge-free. Travelers would prefer packing their lightweight suitcases and walking miles to their hotels instead of checking in with their cars.

This may not be very practical, but let us hope your hotel is somewhere where you can find easily a means of public transportation.

Early Check-In Hotel Fees

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A long time ago, early checking in the hotel was a courtesy, but as soon as the word fees joined the table, things underwent great changes. At the time, you could arrive early at your hotel and be permitted to access your reserved room without any extra fees.

But now, you would rather prefer arriving late to escape paying the early check-in hotel fees. According to the published reports of NYU, several hotels in the States, especially some of those which are in Las Vegas, charge any early check-ins.

The problem is when the only available journey to your destination is a day before your actual hotel room check-in. You certainly won’t spend the night in the lobby. You can leave your bags at the reception; but where will you spend the long hours?

Early Cancellation Hotel Fees

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Normally, you can cancel your room reservation 24 hours before the actual date of reservation without any extra penalty expenses. But now, hotel cancellation deals are no longer on the list. There is nothing called hotel reservation free cancellation.

If you think of canceling your reservation, there are fees that you should pay, especially if you miss the canceling deadline which is identified in three days.

If you miss this shot, you will have to pay for at least one night. Now, this may sound easy, but when changes in plans are involved, you may not have enough time to contact the hotel and cancel the reservation. So this is how you will fall in the trap of early cancellation hotel fees.

The Wi-Fi Mystery

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Can you imagine spending a week or two in a totally foreign place without Wi-Fi? Likely not. The very first thing that comes to your mind when you book your hotel is Wi-Fi service. This is a requirement which is out of question.

Hotels realized the significance of free Wi-Fi services and thought of limiting the access of the lodgers. They created this policy of having free Wi-Fi accessed only by those who booked their rooms through the booking system of the hotel.

This means that if you book your room through a third party, you will have to pay a certain fee to access the Wi-Fi. Resort fees’ hotels include also their Wi-Fi fee in the same hidden way. What you need is not a hotel wifi extender, but rather booking directly through the hotel’s booking site. You may even benefit from a good rate.

The Old Standbyes

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Hotels fees are not a really new trend; it is just that more unreasonable fees are added to the list. Old hotels would charge just as the present ones when it comes to room-service delivery, on-site computers, fax machine, early departure, in-room safe use, business-center use, and baggage-holding fees.

The difference between these fees and the new ones is that the former is expected while the latter is hidden and unexpected. They still can be handled if you do some researching long before booking your room.

Google anything you suspect and seek advice from previous travelers. You are recommended to stick to hotels that you have already booked a room in. they are to some extent trustworthy. Otherwise, ask anyone who can help you find such a hotel.

The Federal Trade Commission was demanded to enlist mandatory fees as deceptive unless they were clearly declared in the published room rate. Perhaps, the FTC may take action and consider these fees as tricky ways to deceive travelers. This is deemed as a violation of the state laws as well.



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