The 9 Super Tips To Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Do you remember the last time you traveled in peace in your car individually? This could be long before you had kids or even got married. Yes! Traveling when you were single is quite different from traveling with 3 or 4 kids in the back of your car.

Most parents like to try all-exclusive family vacations to spend adventure holidays with kids. That is a great chance to leave all the stress behind and enjoy your time with your family. Traveling as a family is a shot to make up new memories with your little ones.

But do you really know what traveling with toddlers in a car means? Maybe, you can get your answer after watching ‘Are We There Yet?’ Trust us, sometimes traveling with kids can be as catastrophic as that.

What would you as a parent do to prevent this mess? In order to make out of traveling with kids the most beautiful memories ever, keep on reading to discover the 9 tricks to help spend a nice car trip with your kids.


When talking does not work, build a barrier

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How many times did you travel with your kids in the car and things turned to a Tom & Jerry fight in the back? Probably many times, right? This is how things become when talking does not work. This is mostly the case, especially when kids are at a very young age.

You don’t have to yell, shout or scream in their face, because trust us, THEY WON’T LISTEN ANYWAY. So stay as calm as you can. If things get really bad, you can construct a barrier by using two pieces of cardboard.

Cut them to fit your car’s size with holes for their hands. Of course, you will not silence them, but hopefully, they will before your mind explodes.

Get Your Kid A Comfortable place To Sleep In

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Traveling for long distances in a car is really exhausting for both the passengers and drivers. That is why you are mostly recommended to take a rest every 2 or 3 hours before hitting the road again.

Your kids in the backseat must be tired too, so make sure you get them something like a kids’ sleeping bag with pillow. You can go on the day prior to your journey and pick one of those children’s sleeping bags sold in the market.

If you provide your kids with such a comfy place to rest, you will hear less noise while traveling. You can also purchase an inflammable mattress and place it in the back seat to enjoy a safe and quiet drive.

Use Essential Oils

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Sometimes, traveling on a plane is said to be safer than a car. It could be, but when you have kids, you’re going to have to pay extra attention from the moment of arriving at the airport until the moment of landing in your destination.

Many kids get lost in airports or happen to be forgotten home like in ‘Home Alone’. Apart from this, traveling by air has its good and bad sides. Kids, for instance, have their ears plugged up.

The pain is certainly unbearable and kids may start crying. What can you do as a parent? While packing your suitcases, make sure you take few bottles of essential oils. They are undeniably good at driving ear pain away.

Before you take off and land, make sure you rub few drops near your kids’ ears. Try to avoid deodorizing essential oils and opt for lavender or frankincense oil.

Come Up With Creative Ideas


It is very crucial to be a creative parent to keep your kids under control without shouting in their faces. When do kids start usually fighting? They start their quarrels when there are no fun things to do and feel bored.

Imagine yourself their host who is trying to keep them satisfied, entertained and happy before they start another world war in the backseat. This is very challenging. You can get few blank papers and colored pencils, but they do not guarantee a truce back there.

The best thing you can do for them is letting them watch their favorite cartoons and Disney movies or play literacy games for kids. You can bring a tablet, place it in a sheet protector and hang it to the back of the front seat.

Car Table


There are several things that you should keep in your car when you decide to travel such as a car table. You may think that it is just an extra thing which is going to crowd your backseat. But you never know when you are going to need it.

Having a kids travel tray or table is pretty useful anyway; this way your car will remain clean and neat even after long trips. Moreover, even the cleaning of car tables or kids’ car seat travel trays will be easy.

Your kid can draw and eat on the table without leaving too much mess around. Car tables usually come with a sort of pockets where you can place little items.

Take A Shower Curtain With You


Vacation destinations are usually hot destinations although there are people who prefer snow over the sun. Still, going to sunny and summer destination means spending more time on the beach. Kids like to play with the golden sand, building sand castles or swimming in the pearly waters.

This is acceptable when your kid is old enough to know that it is dangerous to go far from the beach, but with the little ones, this is impossible and unacceptable. Your little beloved ones can still enjoy swimming in a pool that you make for them, using a shower curtain.

In the process of constructing such a unique pool, the whole family will be having fun, especially when they dig a hole in the sand where they can place the shower-curtain-pool.

Get a Temporary Tattoo For Your Kid

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We have already said that many kids get lost in airports and travel destinations. This is a pretty serious thing. Some parents are just too negligent to keep their kids under their watch, and sometimes kids are too dynamic.

How can you ensure finding your little one if he or she got lost? If you are in a closed space like an airport, you can ask for the help of security. However, losing a child in a city is quite different for it is an open space, and your kid can be anywhere.

The solution is very easy: all you have to do is getting your kid one of those fake wrist tattoos or temporary tattoo markers. You can include in such markers your address and phone number. If your kid is found, you may reach him or her very easily thanks to this idea of fake tattoos.

Carry Your Baby In The Right Way

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As a new a parent who has just received his or her little angel, you should pay attention to the way you carry your baby. Your angel’s body is still sensitive and too soft, so be careful.

If you are planning to go on a trip with your newly born baby, it means you are going to carry him all around. If you choose something like a sling, your kid will likely feel relaxed and comfortable.

Your baby will be tightly close to you and feels completely safe. You can go on tours and walks together with your baby. He or she can see what you see in a more baby-like way.

Bed Box


As we have said earlier, your kid needs some rest and sleep during your car trip. You can, therefore, buy a sleeping bag or an inflatable mattress that you can place in the back of your car.

Well, that is possible only when your car is big enough with extra space for such things. There are lighter items that you can place in your car as a sleeping bed for your little one. Aboard a plane, things are easier.

You can put your child in a bed box where he or she will enjoy a sweet nap. S/he can lay down on the seat and place his or her legs on a soft surface. To ensure your kid’s safety aboard, you fasten him with a seat belt.

Share with us your experience of traveling with your kids. Did any catastrophes happen on the way? Do you have any extra tips and tricks to facilitate traveling with kids?



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