The Most Clever Tricks To Help You Travel With Your Kids In A Cheap Way

Last Updated on December 26, 2018

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When you are young and free, traveling looks like a great adventure that is easy and fun. But once you have a kid, travel looks like the hardest task that not anyone could afford or even enjoy, unless you leave your children back home and have your mind occupied by them the whole time you are away.

So, what if you can travel with your kids in a cheap way?

Believe it or not, it is possible. You already know the benefits of traveling, so imagine passing that on to your kids, teaching them new cultures, and helping them create new, unforgettable experiences that will shape their personality beautifully.

Here are the most clever tricks to help you travel with kids in a cheap way, and by the way, these tricks could apply even when your travel with your partner, friends, or solo.

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Build travel around deals

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You don’t need to have one specific destination and wait for the airline tickets to be cheaper. Why not keeping track of the prices and plan your vacation on the cheapest plane tickets you could find?

There are many websites that could help you keep track of great deals like and They will charge you a one-time fee for email alerts, and then you will have a permanent service that will keep you aware of all the amazing airline deals.



Travel to inexpensive places

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Will you trust me if I told you that the greatest, most interesting places are the ones that are cheap? The expensive destinations are very popular and it is filled with tourists, which make the whole area expensive.

Try Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam for an example, you can have a large room for you and your kids with an outdoor garden, large shower, outdoor pagoda, and a beautiful pool in the La Casa Beach Resort.

All of this will cost you only $60/night, that’s right! The reason is Vietnam is still a developed country with too many things to see and discover, so don’t hesitate to go on such adventures with your kids.



Eat like a local

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Another thing that you truly don’t have to do because it is not going to make any difference and it will just harm your bank account: it is trying to eat at big “popular” restaurants that have expensive meals.

How about eating as locals do? The experience will be more interesting if you started trying living like locals by trying out meals from restaurants that are not owned by millionaires.

With less than one dollar, you and your kids will be enjoying a delicious dish made by healthy ingredients and lovely people. That’s the experience you need to provide to your kids so they will learn that happiness can come from simplicity.



The off-season travel

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Whether you choose a developed country or Dubai, you will still get low prices if you traveled in the off-season like spring or fall.

You will be granted with an opportunity to save a lot of money, enjoy touristic places without any traffic or people pushing you around, and have a calm time without worrying about lack of transportation or high prices on, literally, everything!



Road Trip

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Road trips always start with loud laughs and unfaded smiles, until the road gets really long and everyone starts to get exhausted.

Well, it is not hard to road trip with the kids because there are many things you can do to keep them entertained: a lot of audiobooks, podcasts, unlimited songs, no devices, in-car snacks, and frequent stops.

You must be prepared to provide entertainment to the kids whenever they start “whining” because after all, road trips are really fun and save a lot of cash.



Visit friends and family


Visiting friends and family who live somewhere else is always a nice idea, as long as you start only for 2 to 3 days only.

First, you will save so much money instead of booking a hotel or a resort, and second, you will get the chance to re-connect with your loved ones. However, remember to bring a gift and invite your hosts for dinner (or at least cook them a meal).

Don’t expect to be entertained and always pick up after yourself. Try to road trip to their city in order to enjoy the road, save money, and appreciate the time you are spending with your kids.



Home Swapping

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There is a great opportunity to get a nice home in your next destinations for a cheap price, and it is by exchanging it with your home. You will be earning money and traveling freely. If you are not comfortable with this, you can ask people you already know to offer their houses up for plant and pet sitting while they are away.

When you travel, you can offer your house to your family members or friends who may enjoy a vacation in your city. You can ask them to feed your pet and keep your plants alive as a way of payment.

Don’t let your kids be a barrier between you and travel, instead, you can take them along with you to live new adventures and learn new things as a family. Your kids will grow up to be more social and knowledgeable about other cultures and themselves while saving money for other adventures. It is a win-win situation, to be honest!




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