The Most Common Travel Disasters That You Have To Know About

Before you head to the airport for the vacation you needed to have for a long time, you make sure you have all your guidebooks, inflatable neck pillow, and spare underwear (just in case). But are you completely ready for a possible disaster that could ruin your entire trip?

Let’s face it, disasters are ought to happen from time to time, and there is always a possibility they occur when we are not even close to home to control the situation quickly.

Those disasters are not really your fault, but to avoid them completely, you need to plan your trip very well, and mostly, you need to be introduced to those disasters and learn how to prevent/deal with them.

After all, that spare underwear that you thought would be useful will not really make your pain better if you break your leg surfing in Costa Rica.

So before you leave, make sure your excitement doesn’t prevent you from taking all the appropriate steps, like packing a copy of your birth certificate and labeling your luggage.


Lost passport

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The worst nightmare of any traveler is opening the bag or purse only to discover that the passport is gone. At that moment, it doesn’t matter if it was lost or stolen, you just need it to be found, and the way to do it is to act immediately!

There is a slim chance that your passport could be in your hotel room, so take that chance and go look for it. Search for it in each corner, and if you can’t find it, call your embassy and let them know.

After contacting the embassy, you need to show up in person and apply for an emergency passport… at that moment, you will have to forget about the rest of your vacation plans!

The emergency passport is valid only for a short amount of time, and once you go back to the United States, you need to apply for a new one. The most important step is preparing the things you will need for the emergency passport and pack them with you before you leave for your vacation.

Missed flight

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I mean, this could happen to the best of us! It seems like when we are at the airport before time, the plane is hours late, and we get no discount or explanation.

But when you are only two minutes late, you will have to run like a maniac through the gates, the boarding would be over, and you are now in an iffy situation.

This is what you will need to do:
If the plane has already left without you, then go to the airline’s desk immediately. There is a chance your airline will get you a seat on their next flight, and depending on the airline, you will know whether you will be charged or not (you will if the missed flight was your mistake).

If there are no other flights, then see if there are any available flights from your partner airlines’ carrier or just try for the next day.

If your airline refuses to help you get a seat for the next flight, then be ready to pay! This is a warning (and motivation) to always make it to the airport before your time, especially during the hot season.

If you missed a flight and your luggage has already been checked, then it will definitely go with or without you… Go to the ticket counter of your airline and ask them to locate the bags in order to hold them until you get there.

Lost luggage

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Again, this could happen to the best of us for various reasons. You stand there waiting for your suitcases but it is nowhere to be found, even though you have wrapped them with neon yellow for easy spotting.

Not until a follow passenger gets their last suitcase, you realize; your bags were lost by the airline!

At this situation, you need to have your luggage claim ticket – it is necessary. In the baggage claim area, your airline must have an office or a counter; go there and fill out a form of ‘missing luggage’.

Your bag could be put on the wrong flight or just delayed, and it will be delivered in a few days to your hotel room.

If your luggage was completely lost and the airline is unable to find it, then all you need to do is file a claim for damages. In this case, you will need to make a list of everything you had in the luggage and you will get the depreciated value for them.

Injury or illness during the trip

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When you try to get health care in a different country then be sure that you will be a little surprised; it is just a cultural difference. Or simply, you will not understand the language or the process of the procedures.

Honestly, dealing with a health problem in a foreign country can be a bit frightening, and the best approach to deal with injuries or illnesses is to prepare for them before you travel. Make sure you have the embassy address and phone number, your country’s emergency numbers, and spot English-speaking hospitals and doctors before your trip.

If you got sick or injured, get in touch with a health care provider immediately. If one of your vital medications were lost or emptied, then call your regular doctor who might be able to call in a prescription to a local pharmacy where you are.

If something occurred when you are at a hotel, then contact the front desk and ask if they can arrange for a doctor to come to the hotel or to just get you a cab that will rush you into the hospital.

If you are traveling with children, then you need to be extremely prepared to deal with any medical emergency. If you or your travel partner has an existing medical condition, then avoid any potentially dangerous physical activities, like rock climbing or horseback riding.



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