These are the 10 Best Airline Companies in the World

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Air travel has become common place these days. Most people cannot reach their destinations if it weren’t for planes. Planning a trip involves going on air travel sites and booking the flights that will take you to your destination and bring you back from it.

However, the experience with airlines is not every time that great. International airlines, for example, have a better reputation than domestic airlines, making international air travel more appealing to people.

If you’re planning to fly internationally sometime in the near future, you’d want to learn about the top airlines in the world so that you won’t go wrong in booking, for you and for your family, the best airline deals.

Keep reading this article, therefore, to get an idea about the top 10 airlines in the world. The service onboard the planes of these airlines is exquisite, so you wouldn’t go wrong with booking in any one of them.



Lufthansa is a German airline company that holds the crown of among the best European airlines. People swear by the service and comfort Lufthansa airplanes offer! You will not regret booking with Lufthansa as it offers wide seats and very good, healthy meals.

They also have an entertainment system that allows you to view the latest movies and TV shows from the comfort of your seat. You can also top that experience with some real tasty snacks the staff will offer you.

Etihad Airways

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This airline company, according to Wikipedia, operates between 120 destinations, so you’re sure to find your destination with them.

They are the go-to airline for businessmen and the best first-class airline in the world, making them the airline of choice for many who seek comfort—they even won the prize for the world’s best first-class in 2017.

The company has been in operation since 2003. However, what this airline lacks in age makes up for in the wealth of services it offers.
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Singapore Airlines

©Singapore Airlines

Now we move a little farther from the Middle East—to the Far East! Singapore Airlines is the child of a country that has been able to challenge all odds and emerge as a nation that can achieve miracles.



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