This Is How You Can Bypass The Baggage Fees Smartly

We all love to travel, so we try to save as much money as we can to earn the possibility of traveling freely, seeing new places, and exploring new cultures.

But there is one part about all this that makes us annoyed, and it is the need to pay for almost everything, knowing that we are getting charged for things that can be bypassed easily. Don’t you think that those dollars can be used in a better way?

According to statics, the U.S. airline tends to collect billions of dollars in baggage fees only, but we all know that these charges are optional, so why many travelers pay that money when they can avoid it?

Well, the first thing that keeps us from paying baggage fees is packing light, but who are we kidding? It is hard to travel with the bare minimum, especially when you are traveling with children. This is why we collected for you the best tips to bypass the baggage fees.

The airline policy


Before you book your plane ticket, navigate the baggage policies of the airline you are flying with. The baggage fees are constantly changing and they are different from one airline to another and depending on the date of travel, destination, the bag size and weight, and the number of bags.

Many of us could find a cheap plane ticket, but then end up paying more for the baggage fees. Most major airlines make you pay $60 for one checked bag round-trip!

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Frequent flyer program


If you are a frequent traveler, then join the frequent flyer program of your favorite airline to save on the baggage fees. All of the big airlines offer baggage fees discounts which are a part of their loyalty program.

If you have flown 25,000 miles (at least) with United, American, Delta, and other airlines, while meeting the minimum spending limit, then you will be able to join the loyalty program and enjoy many discounts.

You should visit the website of your airline to discover more about the benefits of frequent flyer program.

Take the train

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While your airline is charging you for all your bags, regardless of their size and shape, then perhaps you’d like to travel by train next time.

The baggage allowance policy of Amtrak claims that passengers can carry up to 2 pieces of luggage for free (personal items are not included, like strollers, purses, or computer bags). In case you have an additional bag, then you would pay only $20.

Traveling by plane might be faster, but by train can be a lot more enjoyable because you will get to enjoy some of the most beautiful views.

The weight of your suitcase


When your baggage is overweight, then you will end up paying much more than the base charges of checked luggage. For instance, United and American will make a fee of $100 for your checked bag that weighs between 50 and 70 pounds, and $200 if your bag weighs more than 70 pounds…

You can purchase a small portable luggage scale and weigh your bags before your departure and return flights to not end up paying way more than you anticipated. The souvenirs and the cool outfits you bought from your destination can lead you to pay extra, so take that scale with you!

By the way, if your bag weighs extra, then you may want to ship home some of the heavy stuff or you can just pack them in the suitcase of your travel partner.

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Ship your bags

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Speaking of shipping, it may sound like an expensive procedure to send your luggage alone on a different plane, but that’s when you should take a second glance at the baggage policy of the airline. You will realize that luggage shipping companies and delivery services are a very good idea!

The standard delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and USPS have different prices based on the weight and size of your bags, while Luggage Concierge and Luggage Forward can be more expensive!

The national or international luggage shipping can charge you less than what airlines charge for the baggage fees, which is great since you will save your money and your time not waiting in lines at the check-in desk!

Upgrade your luggage

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One of the worst mistakes we make while packing is using a heavy suitcase, but thanks to high-tech materials like polycarbonate and ballistic nylon, we can find full-size suitcases that weigh less than 10 pounds.

If you don’t travel light, you will end paying hundreds of dollars in every trip, which can be a little avoidable if you used high-quality luggage brands that are designed exceptionally to be long-lasting and lightweight. This is how to avoid overweight baggage fees for the longest time!

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