This Is What You Need To Do To Change Or Cancel Your Flight Due To Bad Weather

Last Updated on January 3, 2019

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Taking a vacation and traveling to a beautiful destination is always the best decision to make, especially if you are desperately looking to unwind from the wear and tear of everyday life. Hence, it is extremely important that you plan everything perfectly in order to get the most out of your vacation!

However, sometimes unexpected things could occur such as bad weather conditions, which eventually might ruin your entire vacation and travel plans! It’s true that the weather cannot be controlled, but you can always change or cancel your trip to avoid such issues!

And here is what you should do to change or cancel your flight due to bad weather conditions! Slide through the NEXT pages to read on!



Make Sure You Keep Yourself Updated With All The Necessary Details

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It is crucial that you stay updated with the smallest details about impending weather issues. This way, you will at least have an idea about what are the next steps to take!

For example, if a hurricane will take place or already did in the destination you are willing to visit, then, you should check the National Hurricane Center and try to get all the information you need about the storm’s progress.

Also, don’t hesitate to request information about all the useful tips that could save your life, including, tips on emergency readiness, evacuations, and recovery.

In the case of a snowstorm, you can contact The National Weather Service’s forecast and advisories. However, if your issue is more about a technology outage at a specific airline or airport, then Twitter feed is with no doubting your best bet.



Check Your Airline

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Normally when a storm is about to take place, airlines take the responsibility of issuing warnings and waivers for passengers traveling to or from specific airports on certain dates. Most of the times, the waivers issued by airlines cover the fees to change your travel dates as well as any difference in airfare for new flights.

However, if you are interested to know whether your plans are equally covered, you should visit the airline’s homepage in order to see all the travel advisories that are currently in effect. Still, make sure you check back frequently as conditions and policies are constantly evolving.

If you are already on your trip and you fail to access information about your flight, you can always go back to Flight Aware. The latter offers access to a very useful tool with cancelation listings by airline, origin, and destination.



Go international


What the majority of travelers ignore is that as more as passengers get displaced and contact their airlines for next steps to take, wait times can take too many long hours.

Therefore, the best alternative you can opt for is to tweet your airline, especially that some airlines are faster with Twitter when it comes to responding to their customer’s needs than phone agents. For instance, Delta airline keeps twitter handles for their customer service desks so that they can get in touch faster with their customers.

However, if you need a human in real time, you should call your airline’s help desk in another country that is not experiencing the same issues. Some of the major carriers that have international offices are American and United.

So, for more information, don’t hesitate to check your airline’s customer service page for the numbers and then hop on a good app like Skype to dial in.



Credit Cards To The Rescue

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In the case of weather-related cancellations, airlines take the responsibility to cover your hotels or meals, especially, when you are already traveling or very simply cannot delay your flight. In those instances, your credit card might offer trip delay, interruptions, and also cancellation insurance to help balance the costs.

However, keep in mind that you need to have used your credit card in paying your trip and any other purchases you make before finally submitting a claim later on to cover all the costs.

Still, it’s good to note that this particular type of coverage depends on the credit card you have and the bank. This means that this coverage can actually range from hundreds of dollars per person for delays to tens of thousands of dollars for outright cancellations.

If things go wrong, make sure you read up on your benefits before planning travel to charge ahead in the best way possible!



Be Flexible

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Try to be flexible avoid the last-minute booking that might lead you to end up sleeping at the airport with apps like Hotel Tonight or Airbnb. Instead, use interesting sites such as ShowAround or With Locals in order to connect with people who would be pleased to show you off their city.

Also, don’t hesitate to make new connections and enlarge your network circle with Party With A Local.




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