This is What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Italy!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Is it dangerous to travel to Italy?

Everyone wants to visit the country of romance, mesmerizing art, rich history, stunning beaches, and of course, Italian food. However, before you go searching for cheap flights to Italy, there are some important facts about the country’s crime rates, terror threats, and natural disasters that you need to know for your own safety.

Generally speaking, Italy is definitely not a dangerous country to visit. The national rates of violent crime are low right now, plus, Italy is ranked above both the US and the UK, according to global safety rankings.

With that in mind, here are some crucial factors every traveler needs to know to stay safe when traveling to Italy.


#1 – Three Main Tips to Stay Safe in Italy

A trip to Italy can be perfectly safe, but you should know where to go, and more importantly, where you should be extra alert. There are some places in Italy where your chances to become a crime victim are quite high. These include some parts of Milan, popular tourist attractions, and crowded city centers.

If you’re planning to visit many regions of Italy, you should be extra careful when using public transport or rideshare and make sure you get into official taxis. Also, hide your valuables in difficult-to-reach pockets.

What about terrorism? It actually happens way more in Italy’s neighboring countries. However, those who are planning a trip to Italy are recommended to be extremely vigilant in critical areas, report any suspicious people or packages, and sign in the STEP program so they can be easily located in case of an emergency.

#2 – Crime in Italy

Some regions of Italy are indeed less safe than others but there are no critically dangerous parts of the country.

Travelers in Rome are reported to have higher chances of being scammed, pickpocketed, or mugged, while tourists in Venice may only get scammed or pickpocketed around popular attractions.

Naples, however, has particularly high rates of scamming and purse snatchings, in addition to an unpleasant reputation of being a mafia hotspot, although mafia activities rarely affect tourists.



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