This is When Your Hotel Might Be Telling You Lies

Hotels are not really honest about everything they advertise. If you’ve been booking hotels for enough times, you would know what we are talking about. Often times, the hotel rooms don’t match the pictures or they don’t include they’re supposed to include.

The experience of booking a hotel becomes a process of trying to avoid the most suspicious hotel listings on the market. However, people often fall victim to these listings because they don’t know that the hotel owners could actually be lying.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the 6 things about which even the best hotels, and especially cheap hotels, lie.

Tune in with this article to know in detail about this abhorrent behavior to which hotels are so used. Hotel booking sites and travel agencies will not help you in this regard—only on this travel blog!


#1 – Breakfast Included


It is important that you book in hotels that have rooms which come with breakfast included. However, many hotels “with breakfast included” will lie about this, which makes it necessary to be extra careful with how you chose your rooms and with which hotel.

They will either say that they will offer the breakfast, or they will offer a breakfast that wouldn’t quell the hunger of a mouse!

For example, they will give you a bad tasting cup of coffee and some very not so delicious Danishes or cupcakes to go with it. You will have no fruit with which to energize yourself with and no orange juice to quench your morning thirst.

#2 – Hotel Location

©The Knot

Cheap hotel rooms are especially hard to find. They claim that they are a reasonable such-and-such distance from the airport or the train station but prove that are very very hard to locate. People lose hours upon hours trying to make it to hotel locations.

Not only that! Say, for example, that your hotel advertises that it is steps away from the beach.

However, when you finally decide to go to the beach, you find yourself having to take a meandering path to it that takes at least 30 minutes of your time. It is important that hotels reconsider the way they advertise their location to their customers.

#3 – A View on the Ocean


The ocean view makes anything tempting, especially hotel rooms! Many establishments will advertise themselves as ocean view hotels; however, did you know that these “best hotel deals” don’t really have a view on the ocean per se?

They like to play with words to get more customers and cash on more money, but if you book with them, you will only get a glimpse of the ocean and the rest will be hidden by trees and buildings.

What you need to look for when you’re looking for hotel rooms with a real ocean view is to look for rooms that as advertised as having and oceanfront.

#4 – Free Wi-Fi

©Budget Travel

Granted, most hotels will have free Wi-Fi, but it will either be not functioning at all, not functioning properly, or very slow. Most hotels, moreover, don’t even bother fixing the WI-Fi.

They probably argue that no one will be the worse for it, especially that people have really short stays in the hotels.

If one cannot load a page properly and make a decent video call with friends and family, what is the point of putting the words “Free” and “Wi-Fi” together on the hotel listing?

There is another thing to keep in mind as well: some hotels will offer bad free-Wi-Fi and charge you extra if you want faster download and upload speeds.

#5 – Amenities


Hotel amenities are an important addition to any hotel room. However, most hotel amenities lists are not reflective of what you will really get once you check into your hotel room. Hotel room amenities will only include some of the things that you will need.

If you use anything else or request anything extra, the hotel will probably charge you for that. That is how they make loads of cash! For example, if you plan to use the pool, then be ready to shed some dollars for a very fat bill that you will get when you’re trying to check out.

#6 – Pictures

©The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Pictures are always fine and dandy; the reality, however, is mostly a stranger to those pictures. Hotels often spend a lot of money trying to represent themselves as beautiful places to be in.

They will hire professional photographers and make sure that the rooms are in top shape before they take any pictures.

Moreover, they tend to distort reality as well: a small room will be shot with a wide-angle, fisheye lens to make it seem spacious than it actually is; and the hotel pool will be shot showing clear, blue water without having anyone inside it.

What you need to take from all of this is the necessity of being cautious whenever you’re trying to book a hotel room online. Moreover, you need to tell the hotel staff about anything that is out of the ordinary and ask them to honor what they advertised on their websites.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you ever booked a hotel room that turned out very different than it was advertised.



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