This Is Why You Should Not Sleep On The Plane’s Floor

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

That excitement of watching the clouds, exploring tiny spots of the aircraft with your eyes, and being worried about how does turbulence feel like fades away after the first air travel experience, right?

Following this, you’d board the plane with a plan to sleep right after finding your seat. In fact, some folks may pack even sleeping bags and keep sleeping pills in their carry-ons.

Just like road trips, long-hour-flights are pretty exhausting. Some passengers give into the effect of sleep music and close their eyes on the plane’s floor, while others have to deal with sleep deprivation, especially if there is no way to sleep on the seat.

In fact, the latter is safer than the former. Sleeping on the plane’s floor, especially if you book your flight in the cheapest classes ever, can spoil all of your efforts of sticking to healthy sleep habits.

We are not saying that you should stay awake throughout long journeys; we are saying that you should not sleep on the plane’ grounds. Here are the reasons why you should not sleep on such floors!

#1 – The planes’ turn time is the determining factor of how clean the plane can be


It is really difficult to ensure healthy sleep and prevent the disruption of your sleep cycle aboard a plane. If you book some of the low-cost airline tickets, the seats may not be that comfy to enjoy a short or long nap.

If you don’t get any rest at all aboard your flight, your travel experience would become a nightmare. But this does not mean that you can simply sleep on the floor. Flights with short and quick turn-times are the least clean.

The crew has to board the plane shortly after just landing to welcome new passengers, so there is no time for any cleaning to be performed.

#2 – Folding trays, armchairs, and seats are the focal cleaning points of flight attendants


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