This Is Why You Should Not Sleep On The Plane’s Floor

Last Updated on October 28, 2019

That excitement of watching the clouds, exploring tiny spots of the aircraft with your eyes, and being worried about how does turbulence feel like fades away after the first air travel experience, right?

Following this, you’d board the plane with a plan to sleep right after finding your seat. In fact, some folks may pack even sleeping bags and keep sleeping pills in their carry-ons.

Just like road trips, long-hour-flights are pretty exhausting. Some passengers give into the effect of sleep music and close their eyes on the plane’s floor, while others have to deal with sleep deprivation, especially if there is no way to sleep on the seat.

In fact, the latter is safer than the former. Sleeping on the plane’s floor, especially if you book your flight in the cheapest classes ever, can spoil all of your efforts of sticking to healthy sleep habits.

We are not saying that you should stay awake throughout long journeys; we are saying that you should not sleep on the plane’ grounds. Here are the reasons why you should not sleep on such floors!

#1 – The planes’ turn time is the determining factor of how clean the plane can be


It is really difficult to ensure healthy sleep and prevent the disruption of your sleep cycle aboard a plane. If you book some of the low-cost airline tickets, the seats may not be that comfy to enjoy a short or long nap.

If you don’t get any rest at all aboard your flight, your travel experience would become a nightmare. But this does not mean that you can simply sleep on the floor. Flights with short and quick turn-times are the least clean.

The crew has to board the plane shortly after just landing to welcome new passengers, so there is no time for any cleaning to be performed.

#2 – Folding trays, armchairs, and seats are the focal cleaning points of flight attendants


The closer the holiday season becomes, the harder finding active vacation packages and good flight and hotel deals become. But if you are an early and wise bird, you could get your hands on the best deals ever found on travel booking websites.

If you do, all that will be left is boarding the plane. If your flight is to be longer, you could use some rest, but never think of laying down on the plane’s floor.

The list of flight attendants jobs or duties, in clearer terms, include only a focus on keeping armchairs, foldable trays and seats clean for the coming passengers. Floor cleaning is not included at all!

#3 – Vacuuming is all that overnight cleans include


That enthusiasm to engage in cultural experiences in your safe travel destination, enjoy guided tours with private guides and embark on a true adventure travel can be spoiled by… lack of sleep. Believe it or not, this is a serious dilemma, especially for long-distance-travelers.

Some of them end up asleep even on the plane’s floor. This is not really a good choice of a sleep spot. People who occupy overnight cleaning jobs aboard planes may be the only ones who know that all that overnight cleans include is carpet-vacuuming between flights. This is not enough to have a well-cleaned up plane.

#4 – Monthly deep-cleaning only

©Aircraft Cabin Management

Once you book the cheap plane tickets you have been long looking for, you’d think that the concluding of your flight reservation is the end of your travel struggle, whereas it is not.

The travel troubles include also putting up with forced insomnia because you cannot lay down on the plane’s floor and sleep properly. At all rights, sleeping on the floor of a plane should never be an option.

You’d be surprised to know that cleaners who provide plane cleaning services perform their tasks once a month.

The deep cleaning services involve the sanitization of overhead bins, ceiling, and walls in addition to shampooing the floor. But if this deep cleaning of planes is done only once a month, the whole plane would become a shelter of germs and bacteria, not to mention dust.

#5 – Absence of FAA cleaning guidelines and standards


Some reports reveal shockingly that the Federal Aviation Administration, a.k.a the FAA, does not conduct any inspections to asses and regulate planes’ cleaning. This refers directly to the absence of the FAA’s cleaning guidelines and standards to which plane cleaning should adhere.

Expectedly, planes are subject to the attacks of all sorts of bacteria, not to mention that the dust buildup starts to cover their floors. Well, next time you think of laying your head on the plane’s floor, remember what you have just read! To travel safe and arrive safe, stick to taking naps on your seats.

#6 – Sleeping on the ground is not safe


Your travel booking agent may not tell you about this, but sleeping on the plane’s floor can put your personal safety and that of others at stake. Sleeping on the floor means blocking the way through which other passengers would pass in case of an emergency.

Plus, planes can be exposed to turbulences at any moment in the sky. Therefore, it is safer to remain seated with your seat belt fastened to avoid potential injury.

Don’t take the risk of sleeping on the floor and depriving yourself of enjoying your vacation upon safe arrival at your destination. Fasten the seat belt and stay put throughout the flight, unless you have to go to the bathroom.

#7 – Products made to help you sleep aboard planes

©Blog Descubra o Mundo

How to sleep on a plane in economy class on your seat safely and conformably? Well, you are about to know products which would make sleeping aboard planes relatively comfy.

Since you are often allowed to carry a handbag, you could place in products like neck pillows, noise-canceling headphones, and earplugs to help you get the rest you need. Keeping a bottle of roll-on lavender oil can also assist you in having good sleep relaxingly and calmly.

The most important thing is dressing up light and comfortably. This way, you would relatively feel the warmth of your home and your PJ’s.



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