Top 8 Changes To Experience in a Big City and a New Job

Last Updated on March 26, 2019

It is hard to walk away from a life that you have worked and strove for and move to another city. Moving to a new city is after all a huge change that turns everything upside down in your life. It is not a question of changing simply your bedroom or your backyard garden.

It is a matter of a new start in a totally new place. There are times in life where few chances are offered, then disappear for good. At a certain point in your life, you must have found your dream carrier, but the price was leaving everything behind in your home town and move to the city where you will be working.

How did you feel about leaving behind all the old days when you used to look for the best way to get cheap business class flights or when you used to jump of joy when you find a discount on a 1st class airplane so you can enjoy an unforgettable journey with your family?

It is hard to put everything aside, but it is not the end of the world. There is good in everything in life even in the things that you might feel to be wrong or dark.

You can find, for instance, a new driver job which is well paid or an office secretary position in one of the huge companies in your country, what will you do? Will you take the step ahead? Maybe you will after reading this article about 8 amazing things that will happen in your life when moving to a new city.


New city, New You


Sometimes finding a new job comes in the right timing after you experience a really terrible romantic relationship or go through a divorce battle. All that you want is running away as much as you can. In case you are lucky, you might get a new and well-paid job in a different city.

Do not worry about getting your flight tickets for online air tickets booking sites will take care of that. What you need is focusing on the new beginning and life you will be building in the new city. You can drop all the terrible past into the wind.

You can start off your life and fill in your photography folio with new photos chronicling new memories. Excited? You can start over from zero as a new person with a brand new spirit and personality.

Moving will cover all the past injuries, especially if you got the job you have always worked hard for. A new city means coping with new exciting changes and embracing new challenges. Walk out and about to discover another side of you thanks to moving.

New friends


Leaving your childhood or high school friends in the place where you were born, grew up, lived and perhaps got married is a lot to deal with. But remember that just like you managed to find them, you can find new ones in your new city.

Still, your first friends with whom you shared the most secret and precious moments cannot be compared to the new friendships you can build with others. Finding truthful and honest friends is really difficult, but you can try without harming or forcing yourself.

At the beginning of your stay in your new city, your best friends can be books like ‘Power of Quiet’ or ‘The Secret Book’ or any other book whose pages are going to be the daily faces you will be meeting for a while.

Once you get to feel comfortable and at ease in your position, you will manage to intermingle with your co-workers and fellows. You can go out for dinner collectively or on a trip. Flight reservation is not something to worry about once you make up your mind.

Such things will strengthen your relationship with the folks around you. A simple gesture like lending your co-worker a Pat McGrath Realness lipstick can be the start of a wonderful friendship. By the end of the first month, you will have built extraordinary friendships.

True Independence


Moving on your own to a new city for the job position you applied for means full responsibly and complete independence. You will learn how to do everything for yourself without any body’s help.

Dependent people will find it difficult to cope with their new independent life for they got used to having always someone to do things for them.

The new ups and downs you will experience in your life will build up a strong a personality which is independent and can deal with any sort of trouble popping up out of the blue anytime.

There is no better way to learn a lifetime lesson than experiencing it. At the beginning, along with your job, you will find a bit of difficulty. It is alright then to ask for a hand or help.

But learn to be independent; ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want and rely exclusively on yourself unless you are desperate for help. A new city is not something to underestimate.

Trusting your gut


Feeling adrift from your comfort zone will not make very happy, but sometimes it is a life must. At certain points, you got no other choice or option. Remember that trust is the one and only thing to never give away easily.

Trust is the hardest thing to get these days. You can trust nobody else but yourself. You are responsible for your personal protection and your safety equipment is your sharp intellect to detect anyone trying to exploit or stab you in the back.

Many people seem to be holding a grudge and hate for no clear or logical reason. They might enjoy hurting you for no particular reason once you trust them. Therefore, trusting is the last thing you should do.

This does not mean that you are supposed to lock yourself down in your house for the whole day, playing games on your Android smartphone. Absolutely not! Live your life, intermingle with people, enjoy your new job and build up new relationships, but keep some distance.

Draw a precautionary red line to never cross no matter what. Everything in life is after all relative. Tricky and hypocrite people can get easily under your skin, so be careful!

Better and new opportunities


Let your horizons expand to reach the remotest and highest points. Keep on going to realize your dreams and fulfill your wishes. Ambition has got no end and shall have none. You might have got your dream carrier, but after a while, you will discover that it is not your true dream carrier.

But now as you are a new city, grab the chance to look for new and better opportunities. A new city is your gate to what you really want, considering that the job opportunity you go is just an entry ticket to the world where you need to be to find what you truly want.

Life is like a train; you need to come a long way with enough patience to arrive at your stop. Once you do, the rest will be easy. All it takes is ripeness for new opportunities, determination, will and perseverance. Remember ‘where there is a will, there is a possibility’.



When you were younger, your parents used to do everything as they were by your side. But now, they must be miles away from you. You used to enjoy together the best family vacation deals on hiking and biking vacations.

Sweet days and enjoyable moments that were all recorded thanks to your father’s or mother’s old Nikon digital camera. Now that you are away working, spending holidays together is not really possible. This is when you will start appreciating the simplest things done by your family.

You will start yearning for a single from your mum or a single weekend to spend with your little brothers with your family at your cozy home. The annual break you will be taking from work will not be enough to recapitulate all the days you missed with your gorgeous folks. This is how life is!

Be open-minded


It is essential to open your mind to tolerate others differences. Big cities are cultural mixing pots. Humans cannot be copies after all. People are different physically and mentally. Be open to accept, discover and learn about new cultures.

Each day in life would be then a precious lesson on each and every individual you meet. Cultures differ as people do in color and race. Sometimes, the internet might acquaint you with false information and thoughts or stereotypes on individuals from given cultures, which might lead to making the wrong impressions on people. .

Never judge a person by his or her country of origin, culture, religion or color, let his or her acts speak for him and her.

This is how you can sometimes see that the internet seem to strengthen baseless stereotypes about people and cultures without giving a chance to them to prove that they are not the way they were pictured. Skip pre-judgments, act as a mature individual and keep your mind open.

A chance to networking


Networking is one of the key elements in building a successful and professional carrier. Living and working in new big cities come with chances to attend high profile events, official conferences and symposiums and considerable dinners.

This is where you should be on active duty to expand your network. You can make new friends for the present time and potential business partners for the future. In every city you work in from now on, improve your network by contacting new people.

They can be friends you might need at any moment in your life. You can never tell what can happen in the next few days or weeks.

Start packing your cute suitcases and get the assistance of an online travel agent to kick off a new life with a new job in a new city. Do not be afraid of change because it is sometimes good.

You will draw new memories in your diaries and be open for any new opportunities. Facing trouble shortly after moving is quite normal, but be persistent! Did you find lately a new job? How is the moving business going on and how are you coping? Tell us in a comment.



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