What Are The Dangers You Are Exposed To While At The Beach

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Dear summer travelers, we are back again to equip you with all what you need to know before you kick off your trip! Excited? Let us get the ball rolling! Planning for nice vacations in luxurious, summer destinations is certainly time-consuming.

Think of all the researching you are supposed to do on travel booking websites to find affordable deals at low prices. Thanks to such sites, finding super cheap plane tickets has become easier and renting luxury vacation rentals is made affordable.

Before taking off, bear in mind that your adventure travel is a way and a chance to change. If you are planning to spend few days at the beaches of your destination, there are other things to take into account before taking a swim in its waters.

The hidden beach secrets can put your life at stake. Despite the blue calming color of their waters, seas and beaches hide roaring sounds of danger. Let us unveil them together!

1 .Rip currents

After managing to find promo flights with low-cost airline tickets, what you should do next is reading more about the main dangers that can threaten your life at the beach. Rip currents or riptides are the number one danger that puts the life of swimmers at stake.But what is a rip current? Rip current is a term used to refer to a strong channel of water in a close point with the shortline. The problem with riptides is the difficulty in detecting them.

According to the NOAA in the US, rip currents are responsible for the drowning of over 100 people yearly plus other cases of lifeguard rescues. To safely enjoy your journey without coming back home dead, and you want to go to the beach, try to swim at shores at close points with the lifeguards, just in case.

2 .Harmful algal blooms

Not everyone is into air travel experiences, as they don’t like the crowded airports and the scary turbulences that make flying no so pleasing sometimes.

But thinking of all the efforts you exerted to book your flight and all the fun you are going to have, you will forget about the flight nightmare you had. But the nightmares might not end if you don’t be careful when you head to the beach.

Certain things in the sea waters like harmful algal blooms can contaminate the systems of humans and animals alike. The produced toxins cause vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea and in some severe cases, the poisoning can lead to death.

In the US, in particular, based on the reports of the NOAA, harmful algal blooms are prevalent all over the American territory. If you go to the beach and notice any suspicious colonies of algal blooms, which can be red, black, white and purple, then stay away from the waters.

3. Polluted waters

The effects of pollution reached even beaches and seas. According to statistics and experts’ reports, ocean pollution is on the rise along with other types of pollution. Sea waters are polluted by toxic substances thrown there.

The pollution of waters calls the attention of all sorts of bacteria and viruses, that cause a variety of illnesses. In the US, several beaches are tested by pollution-detecting experts to label them as safe for swimmers and beachgoers.

But if you are traveling overseas, you may not receive a warning regarding the unclean waters of your destination’s seas and beaches. So after each swim you have, take a bath with water and soap. For safer prevention procedures, you can avoid swimming and get affected by infectious diseases altogether.

4 .Sunburn

There are certain things you should consider before traveling; don’t expect your travel booking agent to help you out in this. It is your responsibility to take precautionary measure to avoid issues like sunburn.

Staying at the beach for hours exposed to the ultraviolet radiation without even putting on any sun creams can damage your skin. We do understand that you want to get a tinted and attractive skin, but this should not be achieved at the expense of your skin health.

Instead of looking for information about how to treat sunburn and what to do after sunburn, look for what you should do before this happens. Pack your sunscreen and sun-protective clothing to shield your skin from harmful sun radiation.

5 .Toxic manchineel trees

Most travelers forget about the consideration of an emergency medical care plan before they fly to their destinations, whereas they should. It will be of great use when God forbids you get a food poisoning or another urgent medical condition.

During your stay in your destination, being accompanied by private guides is a good idea too, as they can warn you about any sort of potential danger like eating the fruits of manchineel tree. Such fruits should not be eaten, for they are toxic.

If you ingest them, blisters will surface all over your mouth and throat. The producing trees of such fruits are quite common in the Caribbean and Central American beaches.

6 .Jellyfish

Have you managed to find any active vacation packages? We hope you did! Summer is your break time to discover new parts of the world and dive into the depth of their sea, but hold on a sec! It is not always safe to go diving in some waters.

The in-depth waters of seas are inhabited by hazardous types of jellyfish. Certain kinds of jellyfish are harmless, but you cannot say the same thing about others.

If you want to make all the trouble you went through to conclude your flight reservation and survive your trip, try to stay away from jellyfish as they can kill you. These creatures are common in the Indo-Pacific and Australian oceans.

These sea creatures are responsible for the death of almost 100 people yearly. The most dangerous kind is the box jellyfish. There are re plenty of other types that sting the skin, causing muscle cramps and rashes.

Before swimming in waters housing such creatures, protect yourself by wearing a rash guard or a set suit. However, it is preferable not to swim in such waters in the first place.

7 .Shore breaks

Specialized websites provide travelers with plenty of flight and hotel deals throughout the whole year. All you need to do is some researching for the best and most suitable offers. If you do, you will get to enjoy a vacation in a hot destination.

You might think the danger is over once you land the plane after all the terrible turbulences you witnessed, but you are wrong. If going to the beach is among your plans, then be careful about the shore breaks.

It turns out that being on the beaches’ sand is not as safe as we thought it is. Sometimes, waves are so strong that they can hit the shores and attack surfers and swimmers.

Victims might end up with spinal and neck injuries and can face even dead. If you like diving, you must be aware of the depth of the waters before jumping in.

8 .Stingrays and sharks

Sea creatures are not all as friendly as we imagine them. Some of them can even cause human casualties and injuries. Some people might not be scared of blue jellyfish as much as they are of stingrays and sharks.

A stingray does not confront its preys, it surprises them by attacking them from beneath, so watch out for your feet. In shallow coastal waters, stingrays hide in the sand; their stings are extremely painful.

As for sharks, their story is much terrifying. The shark videos you see on Youtube of people who have been attacked by these sea predators are so real. Of course, they are different from toy shark videos that you watch for fun. Recent years witnessed rising figures of shark attacks in some waters around the world.

Reading this might frighten you, but frankly speaking, it should so that you can realize how dangerous beaches can be. Just be cautious, enjoy your vacation safely and bring a lot of souvenirs.



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