What Useful Tips Can Flight Attendants Share With You?

Traveling is a unique experience to have. No more excuses about not finding super cheap plane tickets or affordable luxury vacation rentals for the internet facilitated access to everything. A single button click can take you to hundreds of the best online travel booking websites.

Flight reservation has become the easiest task without needing a travel booking agent. You can google anything on cheap business class fares, honeymoon beach ideas or flight and hotel deals.

That is why the dynamic trips and journeys of backpackers world travel lovers have increased. Cheap places to stay are on hotel search sites or any other independent hotel booking sites. You can tell how amazing their trips were on their Facebook and Instagram.

However, not everyone enjoys traveling or flying aboard a plane. Maybe because it is hectic and exhausting, which is true. If you hate flying on your right, then you must learn a bit about the life of people who spend all their life in the cockpit like flight attendants.

Since working aboard a plane is their fate, they come with tips and tricks to help them cope with their lives in the sky. Read the present article to discover handy tips that flight attendants would like to share with you to make your travel journey amusing!


Getting the most attentive service from the cabin crew

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People think that if they take seats in the front of the aircraft, close enough to the exit and entrance of the plane, they will get extra attention from the flight staff. The bad news is that this is not true according to a member of the flight staff, a flight attendant.

The extra supplies of earplugs, nuts and things like these are never given to people in the front. If any other passenger spots flight attendants giving freebies, they will ask for some and for more.

You can still get the best cabin service if you take a rear-end seat. You can sit in the back and benefit from the extra nuts without having anyone noticed that.

Ironing your clothes quickly


Flight attendants can tell you about how to iron your clothes very quickly in order not to miss your flight. You certainly cannot bring your personal dry cleaner with you, or spend your money on clothes cleaning services in the hotel.

They are sometimes unreasonably expensive although they do what you could do with a simple cloth iron.

Some crazy people tend to travel with a kit of all the urgent stuff they might need, including their rowenta pro master iron. But that is going to add just extra weight to your luggage, which should be preferably light.

Flight attendants use a very simple trick to iron their clothes: flat or hair iron. This is something used and recommended by a flight attendant with 30 years of traveling experience.

Sleeping on the cleanest sheets

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You can find online gorgeous cheap suites and discount hotel rooms to reserve, but you cannot ask the hotel manager to get you the best or cleanest sheets. He will probably hang up in your face because it is an inappropriate request to make.

It is as if you are saying: I know that your rooms’ bed sheets are dirty, but please get ME the cleanest ones’. According to flight attendants, you can tell that somebody else slept on your bed sheets if you find no creases from any recent folding.

Once you arrive in the hotel, you can politely ask for extra clean sheets just to sleep tight and safe before resuming your travel the following day.

Making your hotel room dark

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You definitely do not want to wake up with dark circles under your eyes or eye bags because you could not sleep at night. Even if the sky is dark, modern life involves besides natural lightning, electric lighting.

You may not fall asleep with a chink of light breaking through your room curtains. Sometimes, you may arrive at your destination while it is day and decide to take a nap. You probably would not be able to do so because of the daylight coming through your hotel room’s window.

A flight attendant with 15 years of traveling experience advises travelers to clip the curtains, using pants’ hanger clips. You could enjoy taking a nap in a dark room.

Preventing ear damage because of travel


If you have cold, you are not advised to fly any sooner until you feel well enough. This is not always a question of choice, but when you can choose not to travel, please do. Several flight attendants say that if you travel while you have cold, you will risk having your ears damaged.

You may even lose your hearing for quite a while, not to mention the dreadful pain. Your eardrums are sensitive to everything. Even when you are sound, always take with your earplugs or chew something to equalize the air pressure. This is how you can prevent ear pain aboard a plane.

Avoiding seats next to kids and infants

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Can you imagine spending 12 hours seated next to a baby who keeps yelling and screaming? Even thinking about it will give you a headache. It is a total nightmare for you will not be able to sleep on one hand, and his mom might ask you to change his diapers, will you?

How would you then avoid ending up next to a crying baby? Flight attendants claim that babies and mothers are usually seated in the partitions and bulkheads. It is also where they can put their infants in bassinets.

What you basically need is getting a seat which is far enough from the partitions so as not to hear the annoying screams of the little ones. If you think you can afford the ticket of an expensive seat in the business or economic class, you can avoid the whole thing.

Preventing jet lag

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It is quite normal to be exposed to jet lag when traveling from one part of the world to another. The circadian syndromes of your system changes, resulting in sort of a psychological condition referred to as ‘jet lag’.

You might feel this way during the following few days after your travel. You will need time to get adjusted to the new time zone. Flight attendants, who spend most of their days in the sky, can provide you with plenty of tips regarding this. The tip involves following a bedtime ritual.

In other words, try to get some sleep. A flight attendant suggests you stop using your electronic devices for at least 1 hour, have a cup of English tea and grab a book to read. If this does not work out, you can forget about sleeping and maybe give it a try later.

You can also use a jet lag herbal remedy before taking off. At all rights, jet lag relief may differ from one person to another.

Packing light


It is not necessary to take the whole closet packed in your Aimee kestenberg luggage as if you are moving to another place. You might think of taking a few extra outfits in case one of those you got was dirty, but this is not necessary.

You need to understand that lightweight suitcases will save you money, either in the airport or hotel for the lobby boy, and will also allow you to travel easily. Over packing is absolutely not a good idea if you are planning for a trip with the least expenses possible.

To avoid this, you can call and ask if your reserved hotel offers cleaning, drying and washing services. If the response is positive, you can simply bring a few detergent packs and a dryer sheet.

Breezing through customs


Custom lines are most of the time inevitable. Normally, when any plane lands, a little more time is needed to take care of all the luggage.

Plus if you travel across international borders, going through the customs is a must. However, this doesn’t necessarily involve suffering ! you can breeze through it very quickly with very simple tricks planes cabin crew suggests.

You can pay for global entry to get through quickly. Another way is traveling with light luggage in order not to waste your time juggling your cases.

Make sure you keep a tiny pen with you to use in the filling out of the customs form aboard. Do not bring any fresh foods like fruits, veggies or meat to make your passing through smoothly.

Packing your suitcases effectively


Once you start packing, remember that you need to keep your bags light to facilitate your journey. So make sure you get only what you need in terms of valuables, clothes, and footwear.

In fact, before packing, check the weather in your destination and upon which you will know what to pack exactly. Packing effectively is not really related to having large suitcases, but rather how you place your stuff in.

Instead of folding things as you would usually do, roll your stuff up to have more space for other things. It is a question of organization which will always enable you to add a few extra things.

Getting always a free breakfast


Some airlines offer their passengers a complimentary meal, but you may not be able to make it. According to a flight attendant with 1-year experience, you can ask for a snack and sack lunch in advance.

This does not mean expecting a luxurious grain free vegan breakfast because all that you are going to get is a piece of fruit and a water bottle.

If you, at any chance, felt hungry on your next flight, you could simply ask for an extra sandwich from the cabin crew, they certainly will not hesitate to help get something to eat. The crew will be pleased to get an extra bag of pretzels or a whole meal at the end of the service.

Follow the top 11 travel tips above to enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey. Just make sure you pick the right place where to spend your holiday and the right airlines to fly with. By the way, summer is almost here, planning for any exciting trip?



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