10 personal safety tips for trips to violent places

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Last Updated on January 16, 2021

Travelling is one of the best pleasures people have. You get to know new countries, new people, new cultures, new gastronomies… You even get to know a new you, someone more powerful than before and capable of achieving things you never thought was possible. But traveling has its perks and cons, especially if you’re traveling to a more dangerous country. Believe it or not, even violent countries (or countries that are considered by many as violent) have wonders to offer. And if there’s no war happening, you can start preparing your trips to violent places, as long as you also prepare for your safety. If a violent country, city, or place is on your travel bucket list, read this article as I am giving you ten personal safety tips for trips to violent places.

1. Don’t wear showy jewelry

This is one of the obvious safety tips. Usually, a violent country is a very poor country because poorness brings out the worse people have inside. And if they are poor, they’ll do anything to get their hands in something valuable, like your shiny jewelry hanging around your neck, wrist, or ears. If you’re traveling to a violent place and want to have a safe trip, leave your expensive jewelry at home. You don’t need them anyway, and wearing them is like having a huge led arrow pointing right at you.

2. Be aware of popular scams

Before you travel, you should consider searching on the internet, which are the most common scams that happen over your destination. Sometimes they are as simple as using children to talk to you and get your sympathy. Others may ask if you want them to take you a photo, and you end up giving them your cell phone or camera. In worse cases, they may ask if you want a local guide, taking you right to where you don’t want to be, robbing, kidnapping, or doing something worse to you.

3. Only use know public transportation

Hitchhike is something you can do in a safe country – but even in those you need to be careful – but if you’re traveling in a violent place, that’s completely out of the question! You should always use public transportation that has a good reputation, or that is at least known by the locals. If you’re walking around the city and a car stops and ask if you want a ride to anywhere, just walk away and don’t enter the car.


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