5 Packing Tips That Will Ease This Stressing Process!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

But before you finally start packing items and cross them off your list, you need to choose an adequate suitcase. One of the most common mistakes, especially if you’re packing for air travel, is not checking the airline’s policy.

If you’re traveling with a low-cost company, chances are that there are rigorous restrictions regarding the dimensions and weight of your luggage. Check if your suitcase is within the norm, otherwise, you will have to pay an expensive extra fee.

#2 – Washing clothes abroad

This tip is especially important for longer trips – usually business trips that require you to stay abroad for two or more weeks.

There’s no need to carry a huge amount of clothes when you can certainly find affordable laundry services near your hotel – if your company is paying all your expenses, just use the hotel’s laundry services.

If you’re not staying at a hotel, be aware that many accommodation rentals provide laundry facilities that most of the time you can use for free.

This will make packing so much easier because we all know that it is almost impossible to fit 2 weeks worth of outfits inside a normal-sized suitcase.

#3 – Don’t fold: roll

That’s right. This is the best way to pack if you want to save space and prevent your shirts from getting wrinkles, and the fact that most people don’t use this technique is absolutely shocking. Try it and see for yourself. Just make sure you roll your clothes as tightly as possible.

#4 – Be organized while packing

If you just start randomly putting your clothes and items inside your suitcase without thinking about the arrangement, you’ll most likely struggle to close its zipper afterward. Take some time to think where everything should go.

Here are some quick tips: start with the rolled items and form a layer with them at the bottom of the suitcase; then place your pants and shorts; place the clothes you’re going to need first at the very top and use the corners to place small items like your phone charger, belts, etc.



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