5 Packing Tips That Will Ease This Stressing Process!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

#5 – Packing shoes and boots

This is by far the part people struggle the most when packing, which is why we will teach you everything you need to know about how to pack shoes for travel.

• Choose wisely: just like your other items, the number and type of shoes you pack will depend on your destination and the activities you plan on doing. But you should only carry with you 3 pairs at most: your most comfortable shoes, one fancier pair, and another pair for more specific activities (or specific weather, in case it rains or snows).

• Packable shoes: these are small, lightweight, and even foldable shoes that can easily fit in your suitcase even when it seems almost full. There are some very fashionable models that can fit any personal fashion style, and you can even find packable boots! If you’re a frequent traveler, this may be a good footwear option that will allow you to carry an extra pair or two.

• Fill them: you don’t want your shoes to get smashed during transportation. By filling them with socks and other small items, you are simultaneously saving space and retaining their original shape.

• Put them in a bag: you also don’t want your shoes to get dirt all over your freshly washed and packed clothes. That’s why you should place them in a reusable plastic bag. Before that, use some shoe cleaner to eliminate odors.

• Take the bulkiest pair on your feet: this is kinda obvious. But sometimes people may forget it, especially when traveling from a sunny country to a rainy one. Bring your waterproof boots on to the airport, even if it may look weird. You’ll save space in your suitcase and be more than prepared for the weather when landing at your destination.

One last tip. If you have a hard time closing your suitcase after packing, consider making some changes and leaving some clothes behind, because it will be even harder when packing to return home. And you probably want to have some space left for souvenirs and other shopping you might do during your trip.
So, did you find this article useful? If you have any other creative packing tips, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below!



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