6 tips to travel the world for free


Last Updated on January 13, 2021

Most people dream of traveling the world for an unlimited amount of time to visit all the beautiful places and attractions in all four corners of the globe. Unfortunately, this is a dream that is only fulfilled by a few. Besides being very expensive, it requires a lot of free time, which is something that many of us simply don’t have. But it is not an impossible dream. It just requires some effort and willpower. With the right mindset and set of skills, it is possible to travel the world for free – or even get paid to do so (or while doing so). Interested? Jump in!

1. Teaching abroad

There are countless organizations (both non-profit and private) looking for people willing to move to a so-called developing country to teach underprivileged children or teaching English abroad as a native English speaker. This is an excellent way for young graduates to know other realities and cultures while gaining valuable experience for their professional careers. That’s probably why teaching abroad has become so popular among this segment of the population. In some cases, you don’t even need a teaching degree to get this kind of job. But that’s not all. Teaching abroad in international schools can also be a viable option for experienced teachers who want to progress in their careers and live in other countries. There are plenty of opportunities that offer excellent wages and working conditions.

2. Volunteer abroad

Volunteering is a fundamental part of any society. There are many organizations (including governmental ones) that promote all kinds of programs. As a result, you can volunteer to teach English abroad, work with refugees, do agricultural work, environmental etc. There are volunteer opportunities for anything you can think of, really. What’s great about these volunteer trips is that you usually can choose the time you want to spend enrolled in a specific program. For instance, you don’t have to pay for accommodation and food expenses. You can also get plenty of free time to explore the area, you develop a set of key skills, and you get to know amazing people from all backgrounds and cultures. In a way, it is a sort of travel hack that allows you to travel for free.


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