Top 7 Great Wildlife Walks You Should Do


Last Updated on January 6, 2021

2. Coyote Valley Trail, Colorado (USA) – The Magic of the Rocky Mountain National Park

The Coyote Valley Trail is one of the most captivating wildlife walks you can do in Estes Park, located in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, USA. It is a great place to see black bears, moose, deer, golden eagles, hawks, big horned sheep, and this works as a mood booster for all hikers. However, you can also see other larger animals such as lynx, coyotes, and mountain lions, bats, boreal toads, and beavers that build dams on the Colorado River. The Coyote Valley Trail covers about 1.6 km away and starts next to the park’s Grand Lake. It is a relaxing walk that will work miracles for your health, especially for those who need to improve depression without medication, among other problems.

3. Channel Islands National Park, California (USA) – An Authentic Marine Sanctuary

The Channel Islands National Park is located in Ventura, California, USA, and comprises five of the eight constituent islands of the Channel Islands archipelago. It is a true marine sanctuary that you and yours can and must-visit because they find all kinds of marine wildlife, such as stellar sea lions, Californian seals, brown pelicans, and delight in listening to the low, guttural sounds famous elephant seals in the region. This is one of the wildlife walks that need to be booked in advance because there must be boats or planes available to get you to the islands. However, it is a completely unforgettable 15-mile round trip.

4. Richmond Park, London, England – The Largest British Nature Park

Richmond Park is one of the purest and relaxing wildlife walks that you, your friends, and your family will be able to do. It is located in the southwest of London, England, and is the largest British nature park (also known as the London pearl). It is a perfect place for people who want to see herds of red deer, deer, fallow deer, and many other wild animals that graze peacefully in the region. In addition to the diversity of wildlife, this British nature park has a varied landscape of hills, gardens, woods, and old trees (around 1200 trees that give the region a special color), allowing you to collect all the benefits of walking in the woods. Your health will be deeply grateful.


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