10 Famous Celebrities Who Are Banned From Different Countries

Last Updated on October 10, 2018

10 Famous Celebrities Who Are Banned From Different Countries© IBTimes UK

The best part about being a celebrity is having the oppurunity to travel worldwide and visit all countries in a glamorous way (private jets, fancy resorts, etc), but it is not always as magical as we think. Sometimes, things happen, people get offended, and then bam! They are banned from the country.

The complications that happen could be a misunderstanding since cultures and traditions could be disrespected unwillingly, it is only because the celebrity didn’t know better. In other situations, the issues get deep with the government, which leads to a complete ban from entering the country.

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The Beatles: The Philippines

The Beatles

© EuroPosters

Years ago, the Beatles made one simple decision that caused a big problem! They were invited to have breakfast with the First Lady Imelda Marcos, but they declined. Soon after, they were banned from the Philippines.

Moreover, people were also not that happy about that decision. So the Beatles were mobbed by a lot of angry people. As it was explained by them, they had no idea they were invited.

When the morning came, people came banging at their door to take them to the palace, they weren’t aware of what’s going on, so they said no! Well, it seems like they truly regretted that decision later on.



Jay-Z: China


© Paris Match

Jay-Z is known to write some songs that tackle many subjects, and this time it caused him a “ban”. Back in 2006, Jay-Z had a song that wasn’t liked that much in China, so they banned him from performing inside the country.

However, Jay-Z didn’t really care and he let it roll off his shoulders because China seems to do that a lot. They even banned the Rolling Stones from performing unless they don’t sing “Honky Tonk Woman” and “Brown Sugar”.



Miley Cyrus: Dominican Republic

Miley Cyrus

© StyleCaster

The reason why Miley Cyrus was banned from entering this country could be a little understandable, but somehow, not fair. This young artist is known to wear outfits that could be against morals of Dominican Republic.

This ban happened shortly after she “twerked” at the MTV Video Music on Robin Thicke. Anyway, Miley had strong messages to deliver with the way she was dressing and acting, because after all, why s*xualizing women while men can do it freely? Right?



Elton John: Egypt

Elton John

© Closer

Elton John may not have the same beliefs as Egypt, and since he spoke his mind freely about how hard for someone who is an LGBTQ+ member to live in the Middle East, some people got pissed. Elton wasn’t scared to tell the Parade Magazine in 2010 that being completely yourself in the Middle East could lead you to be dead.

Soon after, Mounir al-Wasimi, the head of Egypt’s Musician Union responded to Elton saying that Egypt will never allow him to perform and that anyone who is trying to ban religions and encouraging “forbidden” behaviors is not welcome inside the country.



Snoop Dogg: Norway

Snoop Dogg

© GQ

I am sure you already have guessed why Snoop would be banned from any country! That’s right, he had 8 grams of Marijuana when he was trying to visit Norway in 2012. Unsurprisingly, Snoop had been through the same thing in 2006 when he was entering Great Britain.

However, he got really pissed at the airport, him and his entourage, and they destroyed a duty-free shop. Technically, Snoop just gave them another reason to ban him from this beautiful country.



Chris Brown: Australia

Chris Brown

© NegroNews

Chris Brown has been banned from more than one country, but today we’ll talk only about Australia. The country stopped welcoming this famous singer because of his history of domestic violence (Rihanna, anybody?). Chris tried to fix it and tweeted that he would be so grateful to raise awareness in Australia about Domestic Violence.

Their response was a little harsh but straight to the point; they denied his request! I don’t have anything against Chris Brown, but I truly respect Australia for that decision. It is one of the ways to stop the violence and to protect the locals.

You go, Australia!



Mike Tyson: Great Britain

Mike Tyson

© All Black Media

The government of Great Britain is not allowing Mike Tyson to enter the country because he is a convicted rapist. All of this started back in 2013 when he was promoting Undisputed Truth, which is his autobiography.

He had a European tour when he discovered that he wasn’t allowed to enter the country. He didn’t hesitate to express how “disheartening” it was for him. But again, good job, Great Britain!



Beyoncé: Egypt


© Fortune

Queen B seems to not be loved and “worshipped” by everyone, apparently. The “Indiana Jones” of Egypt was the man responsible for banning her from entering the country and visiting the Pyramids because she was “rude”. Um, what?

Zadi Hawess claimed that Beyoncé was late to the meeting and she didn’t even apologize, and then her personal photographer was very rude, too. Beyoncé said that it is not true, but Hawess is very sure that it happened! Well, giving her the benefit of the doubt, let’s say she was busy.



Brad Pitt: China

Brad Pitt

© Paris Match

Another celebrity who was banned from China is Brad Pitt, and that’s because of a movie that he participated in. The movie shows that China’s taking of Tibet was not good and they are following rule over the country.

Of course, China didn’t like that so they banned Brad, Director Jean-Jacques Annaud, and co-star David Thewlis. The name of that movie is Seven Years in Tibet, it was released in 1997.

Here are some other celebrities that were banned from China for one reason or another: Richard Gere, Selena Gomez, Harrison Ford, Lady Gaga, Oasis, Bob Dylan, and Sharon Stone.



Alec Baldwin: the Philippines

Alec Baldwin

© Cinevibe

Back in 2009, Mr. Alec Baldwin made some controversial remarks about the Philippines in the Letterman Show. He said that he was thinking to get a Filipino mail-order bride or a Russian one.

The Philippines’s Government wasn’t happy at all with that statement so they banned him. He tried to apology a few times later, but they weren’t accepted nor was he allowed to the country again. In fact, the Philippines Immigration Commissioner said that the country considers him as an undesirable alien. Ouch!

Which one of these that shocked you the most? Feel free to tell us your thoughts about the reasons why these celebrities were banned from foreign countries in the comments below!




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