Here Are the 10 Surprising Ways Plane Travel Is Changing In 2020!

Last Updated on January 31, 2020

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This new decade is promising to be a hectic one for the world as changes are already happening everywhere. Some of the changes are also taking place in the airline industry, which promises to shake some things up considerably. These changes are set to affect flight booking, luggage, flight prices, and even those Delta in-flight meals—or any other airline meal for that matter.
In this article, we are going to tell you in detail about the exact ways in which the airline travel industry is set to shake things up. If you love non-stop flights, you will be happy with more American Airlines non-stop flights, and if you love cheap flight booking and air travel deals, you will love the fact that prices are set to drop—but more on that later.
Also, if you use air travel sites to find the best legroom airlines, we’re sad to tell you that that aspect of the plane is going to be changed in a negative way, but more on that in this article. Make sure to read this article for more information on that!


1. A decrease in drinks

Some airlines are known to offer free drinks to passengers. However, some experts believe that that is soon to stop with the advent of the new decade. Part of the reason why airlines have decided to move in this direction is the fact that they do not want to keep dealing with drunk passengers on their airline, which can be very disruptive to the rest, otherwise sober, passengers. Therefore, if you are used to getting free drinks from airlines, such as Qatar Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, or Emirates airline company, Fly Emirates, know that they are going to stop.

2. Carry-on luggage shrink

Luggage is always a point of contention for airlines and passengers, and it seems that, in 2020, airlines are more than adamant to limit the amount of carry-on luggage that a passenger can take with him or her on the plane. Therefore, the Delta carry-on allowance, as well as that from other companies, is set to decrease, affecting the Samsonite luggage that you love to take with you on the plane. The days of searching for the best carry-on bag have become more particular in nature now that this change is taking place.



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