7 Most Fascinating Things That Only Exist In Dubai

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

7 Most Fascinating Things That Only Exist In Dubai© Pinterest

The most popular city in the world and the host of World Expo 2020, Dubai has been one of the most exciting economic stories of the 21st century because obviously, it is the city of luxury.

Aside from having over 70 shopping centers, Dubai is the shopping capital of the Middle East, and it holds one of the world’s largest shopping centers called Dubai Mall.

Anyway, words are not enough to describe this glorious city, because it literally can make use of the highest, brightest, and most expensive things life can offer for their own comfort. Have you ever wonder if they do they really eat gold? The answer is, yes.
So is your mind ready to be blown?

Click through the pages to discover the 7 most fascinating things that exist only in Dubai

The Hotels

The Hotels

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Dubai has the most epic hotels in the world that pamper guests with luxurious rooms, amazing food, and special views especially Burj El Arab. It is one of the largest and tallest hotels in the world, it is over 1,000 feet up in the air, and it is shaped like a Catamaran Boat.

Each floor of the hotel has its own reception desk and a team that is always ready to assist with requests. The Royal Suite, however, is the one that will blow your mind and all your bank accounts at the same time because it has a staircase that is made of gold and marble with a towering 4-poster canopy bed that rotates on a rotating pedestal.

Only the richest and the Royal families can afford to stay in it. On the other hand, one of the hotel’s restaurants is located under the sea where you can gaze at many fish species while having lunch. So, if you have at least $20,000 to spare, then you can afford a night in Burj El Arab.




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