Reviving Your Romance? 7 Destinations To Help You With That

Do you know that a good way of bonding and reviving the spark of romance in your relationship is through traveling? A romantic relationship may start as a crazy meeting between two individuals, willing to dedicate each other’s lives to one another.

Many couples would go for the next, daring stop in their relationship: marriage. Here starts the planning of a golden wedding, picking wedding color schemes and venue. The romance that such couples look for is one which is found mainly in historical romance novels.

As days pass by, the spark of love and romance that united two individuals may suddenly disappear. Is it possible to retrieve it? Perhaps, if the concerned parties are determined to stick together forever.

One way to find romance again is through traveling. Flight reservation and travels booking are not an issue anymore. You just need to find the most suitable active vacation packages and cheap airline tickets.

Once you do, you can then buy your air ticket. How about where to spend your vacation then? No worries, there is a bunch of luxury vacation rentals offers found along with flight booking offers on travel booking websites.

What you need is a few recommendations of places where rekindling romance becomes a reality. Read to find out.


St. Lucia


Somewhere in the tropical lands exits St.Lucia. It is the perfect spot for a romantic vacation. The rainforest located in between the mountains is certainly a place to bond with yourself and your partner quietly in nature.

This earthly paradise is located down the Eastern Caribbean part between St.Vincent, in the north of Barbados, and Martinique. This gorgeous island is exportable by either a boat or a helicopter.

Together with your partner, you can try something crazy and new like going to a health and wellness spa, having a banana plantation tour and maybe experiencing scuba diving. Not to mention the waters which seem as blue and clear as the sky.

Don’t worry, you won’t starve. The Island is very rich in nutritional resources, inclusive of tasty seafood, vegetables, and fruits. For a surprise we are not going to tell you about, go pay a visit to one of the island’s fishing villages and you will be amazed.



It goes without saying that Hawaii and romance are two sides of the same coin. If you asked a travel agent about the best place to spend your honeymoon, the answer will be mostly Maldives and Hawaii.

The waterfalls, the evening walks, the sandy beaches, and the fresh air are just breath-taking details. Plus, the essential ingredient in Valentine is chocolate of which Hawaii is the only exporter in the US.

Hawaii is, in fact, an archipelago which includes six islands. You can go with your partner for surfing or scuba diving on the Big Island. Are you ready for some Aloha time? You must be.

The blues skies, the tropical weather, the volcanic mountains, and the natural scenery are all spicy additions to your romantic journey. As a matter of fact, last minute travel vacation packages can be sometimes quite affordable, so keep in touch with a travel agency to notify you of any new offers.

French Polynesia

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Tahiti, Bora Bora, and other islands receive yearly thousands of tourists from all over the world. However, the number of received tourists on an annual basis in these islands is much less than what Hawaii receives in a day. Do you know why?

Perhaps, the place is designed for quiet people only with the very unique isolation and privacy of French Polynesia for instance.

Just think of the amazing time you can spend away from civil life distractions and enjoy a bath in warm waters with fresh flowers’ scent along with our partner. The Tahitian breeze is just a magical panacea of any aching or broken heart.

The French influence is considerably evident in everything; the luxurious hotels and rentals plus the impeccable services.



Don’t you feel that summer is already here? Maybe it is time to plan for a new trip different from the one you experienced last year. Jamaica is good enough to start with.

If you are to define the essence of romance, you could just summarize it Jamaica. How would you resist falling in love with this place with all its beaches, gardens, waterfalls, plantations, sunsets and caves?

All the ingredients of romance are found in this gorgeous part of the world. Just think of the sweet mornings, waking up with your partner and having breakfast together.

The whole country is a lovely spot filled with delicious food, friendly people and relaxing atmosphere. Jamaica is just charming, in the sense that it can tempt any visitor to spend more days around in an inn, resort or villa.



Bella Italia, the European hub of culture with a rich history that marked the overall days of Europe. Every fraction of this country is mesmerizing. It is not just the unique architecture which grabs the attention of tourists and visitors.

It is also the scenery and landmarks which are clear evidence of this place’s irresistible charm. The most famous thing about Bella Italia is social cuisine. Italians consider it more like an art and a cultural heritage they inherited from their ancestors.

The traditional recipes, the fresh pizza, and the Italian street food are just what you need if you are a foodie. Hungry for more glamour? Whether you are in Florence, Venice, Rome or Tuscany, the Italian artistic and historic spirit is present with you.

Outside the walls of Florence, you can find a vast landscape of olive groves and rolling hills. The most romantic spot in Bella Italia is Venice. It is a city which sets its grounds in water. The only way to move from one part to another is through the linking canals. A gondola ride could be a good start.


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Do you always think of Socrates and Aristotle when you think of Greece? Greece is not just the land where only philosophers lived; it is more like a romantic place par excellence.

It is a totally different part of Europe with a very particular culture, history, and even vacation services. The favorite colors of Greek people must have been blue and white which mark everything about Greece.

Santorini is the most famous Grecian island where the marriage of blue and white is crystal clear. This island is known for hosting famous figures and rich folks.

Greece is simply a land of people who fought and built their history and civilization that marked the history of the neighboring regions. It is never too late to get your hands on last minute travel deals or even a business airfare sale. Just keep digging for any upcoming offers.


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Bali is another experience which has nothing in common with any of the destinations you have just read about. This large island is located in the heart of Indonesia. Since the 1980s, Bali has been the most attracting spot of thousands of tourists.

The island welcomes hundreds of yogis, travelers, and photographers who look for a good subject to capture.

The romance of Bali lies in the provided services; the massages, the poolside cocktails, the tropical beaches, and the Asian sunsets. It is also known for the prevalence of spa industry which has been calling the attention of more tourist waves since the 1950s.

The Australians love the island in the sense that it is the first place that comes to their mind when planning for a summer vacation.

Since summer is already here, it may be a bit hard to find affordable flight and hotel deals, but try anyway. You might be surprised by a business airfare sale in the process, who knows?



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