This Italian Town Will Pay You $765 A Month To Live There

Yep! That’s not a lie or a clickbait, there is an actual town in Italy that’s ready to pay you every month in order for you to pack your bags, carry your belongings, get a cheap plane ticket, fly to Italy, and live there!

Italy is known for its great location, the incredible food, the unique Italian landscapes, the beautiful culture, and the kind-hearted people. Whether you visited it before or not, there is no doubt that you have heard nothing but great things about this country.

This is why the idea of living in Italy doesn’t really seem like a bad idea, but living there while getting paid for just choosing one of their towns as your new home? It seems like a dream that is too good to be true.

Well, guess what? It did come true and Molise, a town located south of Rome, is actually ready to pay you a good amount of money to come and live in its heart. Do you think you are up for it?



Molise is a beautiful town that is located in the region south of Rome, it lies sandwiched between Puglia and Abruzzo on Italy’s east coast and it extends from the mountainous interior to the Adriatic Sea.

In other words, you get both nature and sea views in one place. If you have been in one of Italy tours, then you had probably been to this town and been blown away with its calming atmosphere and clean environment.

Molise is known for its glorious mountains, crystal-clear beaches, rich history, and quietness. It preserved those things because this region is not touched by tourists as often as other places, which makes it a great place to settle down and to live peacefully.

However, this Italian town is planning to pay 700 Euros per month ($765 approximately) for 3 years if you decided to come and live there, and the reason is pretty interesting:

Like the rest of Italy, Molise region witnessed a noticeable decrease in its population (to 305,000) because the younger residents keep leaving to other countries for better opportunities. The government is in real desperate to populate this side of the country, so if you are looking for a fresh start, here is your chance!

There are a few conditions, though, that you must follow to be able to move to Italy:

• You should move there as your primary residence.

• Choose a village with less than 2,000 people.

• Open a business that would benefit the local economy, like a restaurant, bakery, etc.

• In your first 60 days, you should fill up a file of active residency allowance.

This is the opportunity that many people fantasize about when they are bored with their own lives; going to a new place, start a new life, and have their own business. Does this seem like a dream to you? Then start packing!

We don’t see a reason why would anyone not want to fly to Molise where the sea meets nature in the purest form, and where some of the most notable prehistoric sites and historic ruins of Italy located. Let’s not forget, of course, the marvelous and affordable Italian food that we all adore!



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